Elmbridge Worcestershire 1855 Directory Listing

Lea Mr. Joseph Henry, New House

Baynton Daniel, farmer, Purshall Green

Birchall William, farmer, Gately

Broad Thomas, beer retailer, Live and Let Live, Cutland Green

Clarke George, wheelwright and carpenter

Greenhill Robert, farmer

Harris John, farmer, Elmbridge Green

Harris John G., miller, Elmbridge Mill

Holmes John, farmer, Chapel Farm; also of Withy Furlongs and Colly Pitts

Hooman Mary, farmer, Holloway

Jackson Thomas, farmer, Cashies

Lampill Thomas, beer retailer, New Inn

Lilly Joseph, shoe maker

Mence John, farmer, Addis’s

Richards Augustus, shoe maker

Rowlands George, farmer, Purshall Green

Stokes William, victualler and blacksmith, Horse Shoe

Sturkey Thomas, farmer, Purshall Green

Watkins Mary, farmer, Purshall Hall

Williams Richard, farmer, New House

Winnall John, farmer, Cutland Green

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Notes: Sturkey is not an error as this is the spelling of the name in the directory. Cutland Green is probably now Cutnall Green. Cashies is probably now Cashes. There is still a Farm called Addis, and there is still a pub in Cutnall Green called the Live and Let Live.


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