Fladbury Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Fladbury, 4 miles from Evesham, containing 72 houses, and 424 inhabitants. it has 4 chapelries, viz., Wyre Piddle, Bradley, Throckmorton, and Hob Lench, with the hamlets of Hill and Moore.

Allsop William

Curtis Thos., excise officer

Davis J., farmer & vict.

Drinkwater Mrs., widow

Griffiths J. G., surgeon

Heeley Daniel, tailor

Langston T., carpenter

James J., schoolmaster

Inglis John, farmer

Oldaker Charles and George, mealmen

Phillips Richard, baker

Phipps Samuel, farmer

Pruen Rev. William

Quarrel Elizabeth, farmer

Roberts James, butcher

Smith Rev. M. Stafford

Stephens Robert, baker

Tedstill Rev. J., academy

Trenfield William, vict. and maltster

Wagstaff James, farmer

Watkins Wm., blacksmith

Weston Alice, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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