Salford Warwickshire Poll Book 1868

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of November 1868 between Lord Hyde. Sir R. N. C. Hamilton, Bart., K.C.B. H. C. Wise, Esq. John Hardy, Esq..

Poll Book, South Warwickshire Election, November 1868.

Alcester Polling District


No. and Name of Voter.

List 1.

399 Adkins, Robert

400 Adkins, John

401 Arnall, Thomas

402 Baylis, Charles

403 Birch, John

404 Bomford, Heming James

405 Bomford, Benjamin

406 Chattaway, Joseph

407 Chambers, William Edward Eouse Boughton

408 Dyke, Thomas

409 East, Henry

410 Eyston, John

411 Garrard, Rev. Samuel

412 Hearne, Stephen Street

413 Hemming, John

414 Huband, Thomas


416 Nicholls, James

417 Nicholls, Joseph

418 Penrice, George, Esq.

419 Shailer, Thomas

420 Slatter, Henry Bandis

List 2.

421 Banister, David William

422 Bomford, Frederick

423 Farr, George

424 Hartigan, Rev. Patrick


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