Checketts Lane (Ombersley Road) Worcester 1905

The Cottage – Bourne Richard

Evans Arthur, builder and shopkeeper

Hayes Thomas, journeyman gardener

Hobday Thomas, journeyman bricklayer

Forster Mrs. Mary Ann

Burbridge George, j’man painter

Rose Cottage – Amyes Fred., coml. Clerk

Pugh Richard, gas stoker

Smith Charles, journeyman carpenter and shopkeeper

Clarke William, journeyman tailor

Devereux Samuel, labourer

Malcolm Cot. – Cottrill Albt., j’man gardener

Fern Cottage – Biddle Ernest, co. court bailiff

Fern Cottage – Bowden J., j’man carpenter

East Lynne – Porter Thomas, labourer

East Lynne – Turley Jas., j’man carpenter

Lilian Cottages – Dean William, gardener

Lilian Cottages – Smith William, labourer

Kington Cottage – Griffin Mrs. William

Woodbine Cottages – Mann James, labourer

Woodbine Cottages – Teague Alfred, j’man engineer

Williams James, engineer

Beard Arthur, j’man painter

Richings Cornelius, j’man gardener

West View Cottage – Thomas Geo., labourer

Pardoe Mrs. Sarah

Taylor Samuel, market gardener

Taylor Alfred, labourer

Edwards Emily, laundress

Smith Spencer, baker

Buxton Cottage – Veale Mrs. Ann, laundress

Oaklands – Weller Richard, j’man carpenter

Knott John, labourer

  1. Laurel Villas – Newman Mrs. Ann</p>
  2. Laurel Villas – Thomas John, labourer

West Lynn Villas – Westbury Henry, j’man bricklayer

West Lynn Villas – Green Geo. Wm., j’man wheelwright

Spring Villas – Brant John, j’man gardener

Spring Villas – Gwilliam Joseph, stoker

Little Perdiswell Cottage – Ross William Gordon, market gardener

Nursery Villa – Houghton W., j’man bricklyr.

  1. Cygnet Terrace – Sprague Edward
  2. Cygnet Terrace – Knott Edward, j’man cooper
  3. Cygnet Terrace – Crump John, j’man blksmith
  4. Cygnet Terrace – Pugh Albert John, ostler
  5. Cygnet Terrace – Briggs George, moulder

Twigworth Villa – Jones Mrs. Charlotte, charwoman

Here Is Droitwich Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.


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