Bredon Bennetts Business Directory 1899

Attwood E, farmer, Kinsham

Bredon Gardening Co, florists and nurserymen

CLARKE H, family butcher, Royal Oak Inn. Good beds and stabling. Families waited upon daily for orders, and supplied with best quality of English meat.

Dyer N, farmer

Harris E, farmer, Kinsham

Hyatt T, farmer, Kinsham

LLOYD MRS H, coal and ale mcht. Prices quoted for truck loads to any station on application.

Martin J, farmer, Hardwick

Phillips W, farmer

Potter T, baker

Railway Inn – Sarah Horton

Reading Room, Parish Council Rooms

Skinner W, beer retailer

SUMMERS MISS F, milliner, fancy and general draper, near the Railway Station. Boots and shoes. Agent for P and P Campbell.

TRAPP W, tailor, Post Office. Gents’ and boys’ suits made to order

Wakefield J, farmer

Walker W, farmer, Hardwick

Weavin Mrs, farmer, Hardwick

WILKES A D, family grocer, provision dealer, druggist, etc. Agent for the British Tea Association and the Mazawattee Ceylon Tea Co, London

Source: Bennetts Business Directory (Worcestershire Section) 1899; Bennett & Co. Printers and Publishers, Birmingham.


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