Worcester Bankrupts 1820 to 1843

Below is a list of people from Worcester who were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Amphlett John, Worcester, druggist, July 24, 1832.

Anderson John; & Joseph Perry; Worcester, painters, Nov. 30, 1832.

Andrews Elizabeth, Worcester, bookseller, Nov. 17, 1821.

Baldwin Thomas, Pheasant inn, Worcester, innkeeper, March 4, 1842.

Bannister James, Worcester, victualler, Nov. 8, 1825.

Barnes William, Newhall, Worcester, cattle dealer, Aug. 23, 1823

Becket Thomas, Worcester, coach proprietor and merchant, June 24, 1826.

Beesley Francis, St. John Bedwardine, Worcester, glove manuf., Feb. 15, 1825.

Bennett John, St. Helen, Worcester, glover and tailor, Dec. 24, 1822.

Birley George, Worcester, perfumer, Feb. 9, 1838.

Blandy Charles, Worcester, scrivener, July 24, 1835.

Blew John, Worcester, druggist, Oct. 9, 1832.

Blew John William, Worcester, wine merchant, Oct. 25, 1833.

Bond Peter, Worcester, wine merchant, June 7, 1833.

Boulcott John, Worcester, glove manufacturer, March 24, 1829.

Boulter William, High street, Worcester, tohacconist, Feb. 3, 1837.

Boyce William Cunningham, Worcester, mercer & haberdasher, Nov. 7, 1828.

Boyd Michael, Union tavern, Worcester, victualler, Feb. 18, 1826.

Bradley Thomas, Worcester, chair maker and wood turner, May 9, 1826.

Brecknell Sam., Tything of Whitstones, Worcester, hop merch., Jan. 21, 1823.

Bristow John and William, Worcester, curriers, Feb. 25, 1826.

Brittan James, Worcester, linen draper, May 18, 1822.

Buckley Benj., Tything of Whistones, Worcestershire, builder, June 10, 1826.

Bunn Benjamin; and William Allen; Worcester, flax dressers, Nov. 17, 1826.

Burrow Thomas, Worcester, glover, Feb. 9, 1827.



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