Gloucester Bankrupts 1820 to 1843

Below is a list of people from Gloucester who were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Abell James, Gloucester, money scrivener, May 29, 1828.

Allsop Thomas, Gloucester, linen draper, March 27, 1821.

Atkins Alfred, Gloucester, merchant, Jan. 28, 1831.

Aust John, Gloucester, dealer and chapman, Jan. 27, 1821.


Baird Hansel, Gloucester, grocer and baker, June 7, 1842.

Baker Joseph, West street, St. Philip & Jacob, Gloucester, grocer, Feb. 7, 1826.

Barrett Henry, Gloucester, musical instrument seller, Aug. 3, 1827.

Beard John, Gloucester, coal merchant, March 31, 1837.

Beard John; & John Blount Herbert; Gloucester, timber dealers, Sept.1, 1837.

Bellchambers Edmund, Gloucester and Cheltenham, printer, June 19, 1827.

Billinge James, St. Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, dealer, Nov. 24, 1826.

Bishop Francis, Gloucester, corn dealer, Dec. 4, 1835.

Bishop Francis; and William Wilkes; Gloucester, corn merchants, Dec. 8, 1835.


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