Bankrupts in Bristol 1820 to 1843

Below is a list of people from Bristol that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843.

Abbot John Lewis, Bristol, saddler, March 9, 1827.

Acraman Daniel Wade; William Edward Acraman; and Alfred John Acraman; Bristol, merchants, July 1, 1842.

Acraman Daniel Wade; Wm. Edw. Acraman; Alfred John Acraman; William Morgan; Thomas Holroyd; and James Norroway Franklyn; Bristol, ship builders and engineers, July 1, 1842.

Adams James, Castle street, Bristol, grocer, Sept. 3, 1825.

Allen Stephen; and Thomas Congreve Noble; Bristol, hosiers, Aug. 24, 1822.

Anderson James, Bristol, scrivener, Sept. 8, 1840.

Andrews Harry, Bristol, paper-hanger, March 27, 1835.

Austin Joseph Pomphrey. Bristol, paper maker, Sept. 18, 1840.

Austin Jos. Pomfrey; & Thos. Westcott; Bristol, paper manufact. June 16, 1840.


Baker Edward, Bristol, oil gas manufacturer, Feb. 15, 1831.

Ball Robert, late of Bristol, baker, Nov. 8, 1823,

Bally Joseph, Bristol, merchant, May 3, 1825.

Barnard John, Bristol, horse dealer, Aug. 16, 1833.

Barnes John Reed, Bristol, wheelwright, April 18, 1826.

Barrow John; and Robert Willis Vizer; Bristol and Basinghall street, merchants, Oct. 3, 1834.

Bartlett Arthur and Robert, Bristol, ship builders, Sept. 4, 1824.

Bateman Aaron, Bristol, victualler, June 15, 1822.

Bateman Aaron, Bristol, victualler, Sept. 14, 1822.

Battiscombe William Henry, Bristol, money scrivener, Dec. 18, 1840.

Bayley George, Bristol, hosier and haberdasher, Dec. 22, 1840.

Bayley George, Bristol, silk mercer, March 13, 1832.

Beck Lancelot, Bristol, broker, April 29, 1842.

Bedford Thomas, Bristol, stationer, Aug. 28, 1821.

Bedford Worthy, Bristol, brewer, Feb. 26, 1828.

Beer William, Bristol, wharfinger, March 15, 1833.

Beer William; and Harriet Venn; Bristol, colour makers, July 2, 1839.

Bell John Henry, Stoke’s Croft, Bristol, apothecary, Nov. 29, 1842.

Bevan Edward; and Michael Yates; Bristol, merchants, Nov. 11, 1831.

Bevan John Scudamore, Bristol, confectioner and starch maunf., Dec. 20, 1839.

Bidgood John Fry, Wine street, Bristol, woollen draper, Nov. 17, 1840.

Billinge James, Bristol, grocer, March 3, 1821.

Bird Daniel Pidding, Bristol, grocer, Nov. 15, 1823.

Blackborow George Sheppard, Bristol, wine merchant, Jan. 16, 1838.

Blethyn Thomas, Bristol, woollen draper, Jan. 21, 1840.

Blinkman Thomas, Bristol. brassfounder, Jan. 4, 1831.


Source: The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843


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