Abbotsford Road Bristol 1897

Abbotsford road, Redland, Cotham hl. To Hampton rd.

South-east Side

2 Pike John, fruiterer

4 Simmons Frank, plumber

6 Morris David, builder

6 Green Wm. Jn. Watch ma

8 Phillips Thos. J. & Son, upholsterers

8 Clear Miss Ellen, dress ma

10 Nation Mrs.

Here Is Cotham grdns

14 Lancaster Mrs.

16 Williams Misses

18 Burden Mrs

20 Williams Thomas George

22 Howell Mrs.

24 Collingwood William

28 Foord Miss

30 Blackshaw Charles

32 Govsky Bela

34 Naish Henry William

36 Chirgwin Mrs

38 Skinner Edward Charles

Here Is Hampton rd.

North-west Side

5 Barton Francis Henry, artists’ color man

5 Barton Hy. & Son, carpntrs.

7 & 9 Nation Mrs. Jane, livery stables

11 Stodgell James, dairy & pork butcher

13 Pearson Major Thos. Geo.

15 Day Leonard M. professor of music

17 Parker Mrs.

19 Trenchard Frederick

21 Evans Thomas Luther

23 Mawditt Miss

25 Beauchamp Zebedee

Here Is Warwick rd.

27 Welsh James

29 Froud John Maynard

31 Gover William

33 Mutlow Alfred Tombs

35 Twigg Mrs.

37 Moore John Bessom

39 Waters Mrs. Emma Maria, boy’s school

Source: Kelly’s Directory of Gloucestershire and the City of Bristol, 1897. Printed and Published by Kelly’s Directories, Limited, 182, 183 & 184, High Holborn, W.C.


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