Worcester Cathedral Registers 1752 to 1753

Fol. 25 b).

1752 Apr. 25. William Pike & Pheby Hayward, both of Old Swinford, m. lic.

1752 Apr. 25. John Harvey & Jane Soley, both of Inkberrow, m. lic.

1752 May 7. Thomas Munn & Elizabeth Merick of Hollow, m. lic. by Mr. Miles.

1752 May 10. Eusebins Holmes & Sarah Hollington, of All Sts. in Worcester, m. lic.

1752 June 20. John Clark of Pendock & Elizabeth Bateman of Hanley Castle, m. lic.

1752 July 9. Thomas Clark of Welland & Anne Wedley of Berrow, m. lic.

1752 Aug. 22. Ralph Massey & Mary Kynaston, both of the p. of St. Peter in Droitwich, m. lic.

1752 Nov. 5. John Noxon of All Sts. in Worcester & Margaret Betterly of the precincts of the Colledge of Worcester, m. lic.

1752 Nov. 5. Thomas Rea & Mary Whitbrooke, both of Kidderminster, m. lic.

1752 Nov. 24. John Starling of Suckley & Elizabeth Hughes of Bosberry, m. lic.

1752 Dec. 8. John Sherwood of Stoulton & Hannah Jew of Elmley Lovatt, m. lic.

1752 Dec. 12. Thomas Lloyd of St. Andrew’s in Worcester & Mary Leonard of the precincts of the College of Worcester, m. lic.

1752 Dec. 12. Thomas Parker of Pirton & Elizabeth White of Inkberrow, m. lic.

1753 Jan. 19. Benjamin Aston & Arabella Pinnel, m. lic. by Mr. Miles

1753 Jan. 27. William Sowth & Elizabeth Ross of Leigh, m. lic.

1753 Feb. 23. Miss Jane Thomas was bur. in the Cloisters.

1753 Mar. 3. Robert Hodges of Birmingham & Anne Hyde of Martley, m. lic.

1753 Mar. 4. John Insole of Salwarp & Elizabeth Price of Westwood, m. lic.

1753 Mar. 6. George Knowles of Old Swinford & Anne Beauchamp, m. lic.

1753 Mar. 10. George Green of Himbleton & Mary Webb of Huddington, m. lic.

1753 Apr. 19. John Goodyear of Great Shelesley & Mary Bryan of Abberley, m. lic.

1753 Apr. 28. Joseph Etheridge & Dorothy Thomas of Whichenford, m. lic.

1753 May 1. Joseph Hill of Cofton Hackett & Anne Fullard of Bromsgrove.

1753 Mary 5. Thomas Gummery of Shrawley & Mary Mills of Astley, m. lic.

1753 May 5. James Pillener of Bromyard & Mary Chamberlain of Martley, m. lic.

1753 May 10. Mechel Eldr & Dorothy Bullock of St. Martin’s Worcester, m. lic.

1753 May 16. John Gummery & Hannah Beach of Shrawley, m. lic.

1753 June 23. John Wythis & Elizabeth Lamb of Himbleton, m. lic.

1753 June 23. Richard Grildin & Anne Cook of Martley, m. lic.

1753 June 27. John Matthews of St. Clement’s in Worcester & Mary Ford of Whitbourn, m. lic.

1753 June 30. John Burt of Martin Hussingtree & Elizabeth Green of Westwood, m. lic.


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