Bromsgrove (Catshell Division) 1820

Blakeway John, farmer

Bradley John, baker

Brewster J & Co., millers

Broad John, farmer

Bull Thomas, farmer

Butler William, farmer

Carpenter Mrs., farmer

Cresswell Charles, farmer

Downing John, farmer

Downing James, farmer

Edwards Messrs., farmers

Grove John, farmer

Harvey Samuel, farmer

Heynes William, farmer

Higgs William, farmer

Hill William, smith

Hill John, mason

Hollis James, farmer

Hughes Charles, farmer

Jones John, farmer

Long William, farmer

Loynes John, smith

Lucas William, farmer

Martin Thomas, farmer

Nutting Charles, machine maker

Only John, farmer

Parkes John, farmer

Parkes Mrs. victualler

Peace Francis, farmer

Pool Edward, farmer

Powell Henry, smith

Price John, farmer

Rogers Richard, farmer

Taylor George, farmer

Taylor William, farmer

Taylor James, butcher

Warley Wm., carpenter

Wilson William, farmer

Wilson Wm. Jun., farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

Note: Catshell is how the name is spelt in the Directory, but I believe that it should most probably be Catshill.


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