Boughton Street (St. Johns) Worcester 1905

Left Side From Skinner Road and School Road

  1. Bell Sergt.-Major William
  2. Void
  3. Davis Charles, j’man. baker
  4. Winter Arthur Edwd., grocer’s assistant
  5. Badham Charles, labourer
  6. Allen Francis, milk deliverer
  7. Tombs Arthur G., journeyman painter
  8. Price George, glove cutter
  9. Rowley Thomas Charles, shipman
  10. Stanton James, signal fitter
  11. Handy Mrs. Jane
  12. Robinson Richard, labourer
  13. Void
  14. Spencer Thomas, insurance agent
  15. Silke Samuel, watchmaker
  16. Berwick George, labourer
  17. Allen Thomas, timekeeper
  18. Hill Thomas, bootmaker
  19. Summers William John, j’man carpenter
  20. Redfern John, labourer
  21. Void
  22. Whitty George, commercial traveller
  23. Hawten Mrs. Kate
  24. Drinkwater Jos. Wm., j’man gardener
  25. Withers William, engineer
  26. Lawley Thomas, gardener
  27. Badgery Mrs. Mary
  28. Harber Charles
  29. Smith William Albert, j’man tinman
  30. Elm Grove – Matthews Mrs. Ann

Here Is Nursery Walk


31.Taylor Albert, tinman

  1. Hillier Thomas
  • Davis John, labourer
  • Bromley Fredrick Charles, labourer
  • Giles Thomas, journeyman painter
  • Pingree James, journeyman gardener
  • Davis James, labourer
  • Thornbery Hy. Osborn, insurance agent
  • Baylis John Price, agent
  • Laurel Villa – Brown John, law clerk
  • The Hawthorns – Hughes William
  • Sunnyside – Void
  • Fenwick Villa – Woods Horace, salesman
  • Philp Edward, insurance agent
  • Bute Vil. – Wheeler Thos. W. and Ralph
  • Wrexham Villa – Holder Mrs. Fanny, apartments
  • Creese Sidney (Creese & Son, drapers)
  • Norwood Villa – Whitehouse Edward
  • Norwood Villa – Whitehouse John Howard
  • Lewis George, glover
  • Holtham Thomas, j’man bricklayer
  • Oakey Edwin, market gardener

Here Is School Road: Also Narrow Walk and Skinner Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.


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