Blackfriars (Broad Street) Worcester 1905

Hall Frederick John, chemist

Pipe Charles Edwin, grocer (warehouse)

Williams James, labourer

Robins James, labourer

Heath Mrs. Amelia, charwoman

Bowkett Mrs. Eliza, charwoman

Badham Charles, labourer

Cox John, labourer

Counley Emmanuel, labourer

Davis Robert, labourer

House void

Sherwood William, labourer

Redding Mrs., charwoman

Clark Mrs. Frances, gloveress

Meredith John, soldier

Higgins Frank, journeyman blacksmith

Dancocks Frederick, labourer

Pinner Mrs., charwoman

Smith Mrs., charwoman

Whitehouse Mrs. Emily, weaver

Taylor John, labourer

Hodges Edwin, labourer

Hemming John, journeyman plasterer

Lewis, Clarke, & Co’s stables

Churchill Frank, groom

Redding George, labourer

Bach entrance to North Wall House, Butts

Pudge Mrs., charwoman

Holbert Arthur, labourer

Ratcliffe John, journeyman engineer

Wiley Samuel, journeyman brewer

Baylis Mrs.

Burton Mrs. Ella, laundress

Smith William, labourer

Pemberton & Son’s Brush Manufactory

Payne George, labourer

Severn Miss Mary Ann, horsehair worker

Smith Mrs. Emma, shopkeeper

Cox Alfred, journeyman painter

Allcott Frank, labourer

Payne John, labourer

Ranford James, labourer

Wadley William John, chimney sweeper

New Passage (leading to Dolday) –

Ellis Joseph, labourer

Stallard John, labourer

Shergould Mrs. Eliza, charwoman

Severn Charles, journeyman slater

Severn Mrs., charwoman

Manton Mrs. A., charwoman

Brown William, labourer

All Saints’ Working Men’s Club – Frederick Ratcliff, Secretary

Ford Benjamin, Falcon Vaults

Here Is Broad Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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