Miller Street Droitwich 1905

Right Side From Ombersley Street

Bourne George, journeyman bricklayer

Smith Mrs.

White Henry, ostler

Cowley William, labourer

Hall George, ostler

Harris William, junr., waterman

Green Henry, platelayer

Slater Alfred, journeyman carpenter

Woodbine Cottages – Crowther Fdk., painter

Woodbine Cottages – Farr Edwin, j’man bricklayer

Salvation Army Barracks

Emuss Fredk. T., builder and contractor

Glen-Lyn House – Emuss Frederick Thos.

Glen-Lyn House – Emuss Mrs. F. T., furnished aptmts.

Sydenhan Villas – Gould Oliver, j’man plumber

Sydenhan Villas – Collins James, platelayer

Sydenhan Villas – Guise Henry, j’man plasterer

Here Is A Lane Leading To Burrish Street

Left Side From Ombersley Street

Norbury Villa – Doogood Mrs. Fanny

Here Is Ninefoot Lane, Leading To Ombersley Street

Harris William, bargeman

Haughty George, labourer

Myrtle Villa – Noke John, moulder

Derricott Jesse, journeyman carpenter

Leach Ernest, carpenter

Farr Henry, engine driver

Bourne William Henry, j’man boiler maker

Bennett John, labourer

Jubilee Cottages – Fisher John, salt worker

Jubilee Cottages – Deakin Henry, j’man carpenter

Jubilee Cottages – Ricketts Henry, cab driver

Jubilee Cottages – Willis Mrs. Elizbth., apartments

Barnett Andrew, journeyman painter

Wright Charles, journeyman gardener

Nicholls John

Davis Mrs. J., apartments

Nash Mrs. Susan

Here Is A Lane Leading To Burrish Street

Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.


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