Great Barford Poll Book 1807

Freeholders Name

Alders John

Barcock John

Buston Rev. Roger

Cumberland W.

Dobson William

Duncombe James

Francklin J. Esq.

Freshwater John

Freshwater John

Freshwater Thomas

Freshwater W.

Gilbert Thomas

Halsey Joseph, Esq.

Hart Samuel

Hart Thomas

Jefferies Benjamin

Lovelidge Thomas

Pedley William

Robertson John

Rowles George

Smith William

Sutton Edward

Wootton Richard


Buckden, Hunts.

Great Barford

Windham, Norfolk

Great Barford


Great Barford

Devon. St. Port. Place, London

Great Barford


Great Barford

Isle of Wight

Great Barford

Gaddesden, Herts.

Great Barford




Great Barford

Long Stanton, Cam.

Great Barford



Great Barford

Freehold* and Occupier

H.& L.  Jefferies Benjamin

….         Samuel W. & others

L.         Crespin Mrs.

H.& L.   Self and others

H.         Purser and others

H.& L.   Robinson John

….        Jefferies Benjamin

….        Self

….        Castle Isaac

….        Medley Jude

….        Castle Isaac

H.         Self

H. & L.  Duncombe James

H.         Self and others

H. & L.  Self

L.          Self

L.          Hart Thomas

H. & L.  Self

L.          Duncombe James

H. & L.  Self

….         Freshwater John

….         Sabey William

….         Self


  • Of what the Freehold Consists

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