Beoley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Beoley, 7 miles from Bromsgrove, on the boundaries of Warwickshire, containing 126 houses, and 630 inhabitants.


Allcock Edward, farmer

Avery Widow, farmer

Barnbrook – , farmer

Bartlett Rev. John

Battin Thomas, farmer

Baylis E. , farmer

Bold John, farmer

Boulton Richard, farmer

Carr Christ., farmer

Collins James, farmer

Cranmor John, farmer

Crowley William, farmer

Davis John, farmer

Ganderton John

Green Thomas, farmer

Griffin Thomas, farmer

Griffiths Edward, farmer

Haines Jonathan, farmer

Hough Samuel, farmer

Hunt Joseph, farmer

Hunter Thomas, Esq.

Hutton John, farmer

Johnson James, farmer

King William, farmer

Lea William, farmer

Lea John, farmer

Mander William, farmer

Mills Matthew, Esq.

Mountford Thos., farmer

Newry Thomas, farmer

Parker Rev. T.

Pitts John, farmer

Porter John, farmer

Sabil Joseph, farmer

Smallwood James, farmer

Smith Joseph, farmer

Sumner James, farmer

Taylor John, farmer

Turvey John, farmer

Walford John, farmer

Walford Wm, farmer

Whitmore Wm, farmer

Whitmore Widow, farmer

Woods Thomas, farmer

Woollaston John, farmer

Woollaston Samuel

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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