Aconbury Herefordshire The Hereford Journal Directory 1914

Barnard Mrs., Lower House

Bevan Hy., parish clerk, The Bowl, Aconbury

Flowers Albert, frmr, Aconbury ct.

Halford Mrs. Ann, farmer, King’s pits

Jones Joseph, farmer and haulier, Warren farm

Mansell W., farmer, Crosshands

Matthews B., Caldicott farm

Monkley C., shopkpr., Chapel ho.

Paine Ernest, farmer, Merryvale.

Peter Thomas, Crossway cottage

Preece Samuel, farmer, Pye’s Nest.

Verry Mrs. H., farmer, Upper ho.

Ware J., Mount Skippett.

(Assistant overseer: Verry W. J., King’s Thorne, Hereford).

Source: The Hereford Journal Directory 1914. Second Issue. Hereford: The Herefordshire Press & Printing Co., Ltd., Offa House.


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