Wolverley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Addenbrook and Co. iron masters

Albutt Thomas, tailor

Bayliss J. wheelwright

Billingsley Simon, farmer

Boucher William, farmer

Boucher D. shoemaker

Box George, vict.

Broad Charles, farmer

Cook Joseph, farmer

Crane Thomas, farmer

Crump Rev. Mr.

Dobson Timothy, carpet manufacturer

Edmonds John, farmer

Edmonds J. jun. farmer

Edmonds Benj. farmer

Giles Samuel, butcher

Gordon George, farmer

Gray Catharine, huckster

Hancox Wm. iron master

Harden William, farmer

Hawkins Edward, smith

Hollings Richard, farmer

Hollings John, vict.

Hoult Widow, farmer

James John, smith

King Richard, butcher

Knight & Co. iron masters

Knight John, esq.

Lavender Widow, school

Lightbourne J. baker

Lythall Wm. shoemaker

Lythall Benj. Shoemaker

Morris John, farmer

New Widow, farmer

Newry William, farmer

Palmer Thomas, farmer

Palmer John, farmer

Partridge John, bailiff

Read John, farmer

Smith Joseph. esq.

Spilsbury Richard, farmer

Stringer Thomas, vict.

Talbott Mrs. farmer

Trow William, farmer

Waldron Widow, miller

Wilkes Thomas, farmer

Wilson John, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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