Bank Street New (Barbourne) Worcester 1905

Left Side From Turrall Street

  1. Holder Frank, journeyman carpenter
  2. Pardoe Mrs.
  3. Gummery Ernest, j’man cabinet maker
  4. Cale Henry, potter
  5. Payne Eli, cab inspector
  6. Mansell George
  7. Disley John, labourer
  8. Cornock Arthur, journeyman carpenter
  9. Millns Alfred, glover
  10. Ford Joseph, hay trusser
  11. Hundley Mrs.
  12. Taylor Alfred, sewing machine agent
  13. Whitchard William labourer
  14. Jones John, porter
  15. Taylor Henry, engine driver
  16. Phillips William, j’man carriage builder
  17. Ody Mrs. Alice, manageress
  18. Allen (Robert) & Co., Ltd., brewers & wine & spirit merchants

19.& 20. Brewery Stores

  1. Hadland George William, painter
  • Abell Harry, glove cutter
  • Crockett Charles, j’man bootmaker
  • Moss Mrs. Alice, laundress
  • Graham Mrs. Sarah, seamstress
  • Meadows John, drayman

Here Is Gregory’s Mill Street; Also Bromsgrove Street


  1. Ellis William, journeyman gardener
  • Awford Jesse Leonard, drayman
  • Langstone James, stoker
  • Chance Henry, labourer
  • Green Miss Mary
  • Charge William
  • Brown Benjamin, stoker
  • Cormick Albert, shopkeeper
  • Bridges William, journeyman painter
  • Webster Henry, warehouseman
  • Jackson Mrs.
  • Handley Thomas, cab driver
  • Mitchell Thomas, machinist
  • Stubbs Walter Empson, bootmaker
  • Green John, labourer
  • Norman Edwin, labourer
  • Fewtrell Robert, j’man bricklayer
  • Satterthwaite Mrs. Harriet
  • Tolley Charles, glover
  • Shackwell William J., shopkeeper
  • Kewstoke Vil. – Hollies Ed. G., com. clk.
  • Dorset Vil. – Pridmore John
  • Kettering Villas – Void
  • Kettering Villas – Stevenson Herbert, coml. clerk
  • Bank House – Duckworth Thos., librarian of Worcester Public Library at Victoria Institute

Here Is Turrall Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.


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