Arboretum Road (Arboretum) Worcester 1905

The Arboretum viewed from Lansdowne Crescent Allotments can be seen in the foreground and beyond these is the Birmingham and Worcester Canal.
The Arboretum viewed from Lansdowne Crescent Allotments can be seen in the foreground and beyond these is the Birmingham and Worcester Canal. Attribution: Philip Halling

Left Side From Sansome Walk

  1. Bagnall William Joseph, apartments
  2. Lane Percival, bank clerk
  3. Arboretum Villa – Sherriff Mrs. Eliza, insurance agent

3A. Allen Henry, commercial traveller

  1. Lumsden H. J., insurance agent
  • Andover Ho. – Lucy John, j’man bricklyr.
  • Thomason Mrs. Emma, apartments
  • Lyon Robert, commercial clerk
  • Bibbs Leonard, j’man carriage trimmer

Arboretum Room – used by the Plymouth Brethren

  1. Oscott Villa – Storry Mrs. Lenore
  • Kinver Villa – King Miss Clara, aprtmts.
  • Langdale House – Sheppy Chas. (grocer)

Westmancote House – Phelips Rev. Arthur Henry

Rothsay Lodge – Greenway Frdk., shopman

Elgin Lodge – Void

Ferndale – Bates Dr. Wm., Amalgamated Friendly Society

Thorndene – Jennings-Cayless Alfred, veterinary surgeon

  1. Wale Harry, storekeeper
  • Wharton Henry, shoe finisher
  • Clarence Ho. – Jenkins John, hop porter
  • Arboretum House – Bishop Geo., masseur

Here Is East Street


  1. Bourne William, engine driver
  • Atkinson Thomas
  • Taylor William, tailor
  • Stephens Alfred Thomas, viceman
  • Jones Mrs. Frances
  • Void
  • Harris Mary Ann, gloveress
  • Taylor Thomas, journeyman carpenter

Laburnum Villa – Constance Frederick, building contractor

Monti Villa – Goode Mrs. Frances Amelia

Cecilia Villa – Austin John Williams, I.S.M., musician

Shanklin Villa – Evans Alf. John, foreman

Glenthorne House – Harris William, clerk

  1. Hyett Edward Henry, letter carrier
  • Austin Edward, musician
  • Rose Villa – Harris Mrs. Matilda, apts.
  • Spinner George, glove cutter

Here Is Middle Street

  1. Verona Vils. – Pacy Wm., sanitary inspr.
  • Verona Vils. – Perkins Robert Geo., journalist
  • Verona Vils. – Evans Charles, ironfounder
  • Verona Vils. – Hill Mrs. J.
  • Alton Villas – Bradley Maria, apartmts.
  • Alton Villas – Tilbrook Edward
  • Alton Villas – Anderson Robert, compositor
  • Glenavon – Void
  • Enderlie – Weaver Mrs. T. H., aprtmts.
  • Armstrong Hy. F., insurance supt.
  • Baldwyn Hy., teacher of harp & pianofte.
  • Buckler John Mason, outfitter
  • Myrtle Villa – Hoddinott Fanny, aparts.
  • Myrtle Villa – Armstrong John G., glass and colour dealer

Here is Sansome Walk

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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