All Hallows (Broad Street) Worcester 1905

  1. Potter Printing Company, stationers and newsagents
  2. Void
  3. Clevely George, Malt Shovel Inn
  4. Lamb George Albert, eating house
  5. Surman Edward, butcher
  6. Watkins Edmund James, hairdresser
  7. Lamb George Albert, “The Nelson”

Merryvale –

  1. Withers Walter, grocer
  • Phillips John, Hairdresser
  • Bell Mrs., charwoman

Here is Powick Lane; also Birdport

  1. Spares Henry, coal dealer
  • Baker Henry
  • Hutton William John, fruiterer

Here is Court No. 2

  1. Davis Edward, chimney sweep

Here is Church Court

All Saint’s Church House (used also for Sunday School, &c. ), George V. Arthure, Supt. of Sunday School

Church House – Langford H. T., parish clerk

All Saints’ Church – Rev. Benedict Arthure, M.A.. Rector

Here is Quay Street

Keeling Henry, hairdresser and tobacconist

Here is Broad Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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