Albany Road (Tunnel Hill) Worcester 1905

SO8556 : Albany Road, Worcester by Chris Whippet
Albany Road, Worcester
© Copyright Chris Whippet and
licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Left Side from Tunnel Hill.

  1. Penrhyn House – Stone W., engine driver – Stone Mrs., shopkeeper
  2. Shepherd Robert, sheet dresser
  3. Green Mrs., lodgings
  4. Jones Richard, iron turner
  5. Houldey Henry, iron turner
  6. Rowbery John, railway porter
  7. Crump Mrs. Martha, gloveress
  8. Green Benjamin, boot repairer
  9. Hinton Richard, labourer
  10. Rowberry Charles, railwayman
  11. Yates Richard Edward, pattern maker
  12. Jackson Henry, labourer
  13. Handy Henry, goods foreman
  14. Morris Charles Frederick, engine driver
  15. Davies Arthur, journeyman carpenter
  16. Void
  17. Hill John, sheet repairer
  18. Dance Francis, fireman
  19. Patrick Samuel, fireman
  20. Jones William, labourer
  21. Mona Villa – Bridge John James
  22. Walker Jesse, engine driver
  23. Crane Herbert James, foreman
  24. Cousens Sidney, railway clerk
  25. Jenkins Miss Eliza, gloveress
  26. Goodman Samuel, j’man confectioner
  27. Simmonds John, commercial clerk

Here is Vicar Street


  1. Brentwood Vils. – Jones Alb., pattern mkr.
  • Brentwood Vils. – Price – , grocer’s assistant
  • Brentwood Vils. Scott Miss Emily, gloveress
  • Brentwood Vils. Void
  • Brentwood Vils. White Mrs. Mary

Rose Villa – Blackmore Thos., engine driver

  1. Spring Villa – Parker George Percival, engine fitter
  • Avon House – Cox Joseph, engine driver

Stratford House – Ingram John, rly. inspector

  1. Brunswick Villa Jakeways James, signalman
  • Evans David, traffic inspector

S. Barnabas’ Mission Room

  1. Compton House – Nicholls Mrs. F., Watkins Mrs. J.

Here is Tunnel Hill

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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