Knighton and Newnham Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Banks William, farmer

Booton Samuel, farmer

Brazier Thomas, farmer

Busy Benjamin, farmer

Butler William, farmer

Crundell Joseph, farmer

Davis Edward, farmer

Davis Francis, farmer

Draper Abraham, farmer

Good Thomas, farmer

Good Sarah, farmer

Good Benjamin, farmer

Handley Thomas, farmer

Jones William, farmer

Jones James, farmer

Knowles Stephen, farmer

Lane Joseph, farmer

Lells William, farmer

Mapp George, farmer

Mapp Stephen, farmer

Mound Thomas, farmer

Nash John, farmer

Phasey William, farmer

Scarrat Thomas, farmer

Smith John, farmer

Swann Ephraim, farmer

Taylor Thomas, farmer

Wall Thomas, farmer

Weaver Joseph, farmer

Wheeler Vincent, esq.

Wood Thomas, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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