Neen Sollars Shropshire Poll Book 1865

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq.

Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire.

Cleobury Mortimer Polling District

Neen Sollars — Parish of

1637 Baker Joseph, see 1581

1638 Bishop John

1639 Bishop William

1640 Brown Thomas

1641 Broadhurst James Henry

1642 Butler Richard

1643 Cartwright Cornelius

1644 Cock Pennel Thomas

1645 Cook John

1646 Crow Benjamin

1647 Corfleld Thomas

1648 Davies Richard

1649 Hall Richard

1650 Hall William

1651 Haines Richard

1652 Harper Absolom

1653 Harper Edward

1654 Harper John

1655 Harper Joseph

1656 Harper Samuel

1657 Holt Isaac

1658 Morris William

1659 Palmer George

1660 Pearce John

1661 Pound Edwin

1662 Wall Edward Thomas, see 1499


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