Poll Book 1834, Buckland and Laverton Gloucestershire

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of August 1834 between Christopher William Codrington, Esquire, and Charles Hanbury Tracy Leigh, Esquire. For more information see Poll Book 1834.

Poll Book of the Election, August 1834 for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester.

Campden Polling District

Buckland and Laverton Parish

Name  Residence Qualification Where Situate 
Batsford John Buckland 50l renter Buckland 
Batsford Robert Laverton ditto Laverton 
Collett Richard Buckland lifehold house &c. Buckland 
Hawkes Joseph Laverton 50l renter Laverton 
Lamley Robert Winchcomb freehold house &c. ditto 
Meadows John Laverton 50l renter ditto 
Rastall Benjamin Buckland lifehold house &c. Buckland
Richardson George Laverton 50l renter Laverton 
Wells Stephen Buckland ditto Buckland 

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