Brompton and Rhiston Cassey Shropshire Directory 1871

Brompton and Rhiston form a township in the Southern division of this county, belonging to the parish of Church Stoke, which is in Montgomeryshire, in the incorporation of Montgomery and Pool, and hundred of Chirbury . The population in 1861 was 176; area, 1,160 acres, rateable value, £1,156.
Letters received from Church Stoke.

Bloxsome Rev. Henry John
Barrs Mary Belfield (Mrs); farmer, Brompton hall
Blaney Richard, farmer, Ditches
Davies Ed., farmer. Upper Penyllan
Davis William, farmer and miller
Evans Edward, blacksmith
Hammond David, farmer, Pentre Hayling
Jones Abraham, farmer, Little Brompton
Richards Thomas, Blasé Bell Inn, and farmer

Blamey Jane, farmer, Gwarthlow
Groves Samuel, farmer Rockley
James Thomas, farmer
Jones John, farmer, Cae prior
Lewis John, farmer, Gwarthlow

Source: Edward Cassey & Co’s, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Shropshire 1871


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