Edgbaston Marriages 1803

Vol. IV. Marriages 1803 to 1812

Jan. 1. John x Wooton & Elizabeth x Greenfield

Jan. 3. Joseph Gaunt & Elizabeth Hands

Jan. 9. Henry Standly [sig. Stanley] & Ann x Beck, p. Aston, wid.

Jan. 10. William x Harman & Susanna x Hawkes, wid.

Jan. 10. Daniel Williams, wid., & Mary Fellows

Jan. 18. John Whitehouse & Sarah x Brookes

Jan. 24. Thomas x Wright & Theodosia x Avery

Jan. 31. Samuel Stokes & Elizabeth x Bailey

Jan. 31. Thomas Kearne & Elizabeth x Hodgetts

Feb. 2. Benjamin Brettle [sig. Brettell], w., & Mary Maria Curriar [sig. Currier], of King’s Swinford, lic.

Feb. 6. Richard Roberts & Elizabeth Kershaw

Feb. 6. John Weldon & Mary Ann x Curriar

Feb. 10. Joseph Brittain & Elizabeth x Roberts

Feb. 13. Richard Phillips & Hanna x Baker

Feb. 13. Samuel Potts & Elizabeth x Williams

Feb. 20. Thomas Fleming & Lucy x Cooper

Feb. 20. Stephen Harrison & Ann Betts

Feb. 20. John x Hern & Charlotte x Parker

Feb. 28. Thomas x Mathews & Jane x Jackson

Mar. 7. Joseph German & Sarah x Heycock

Mar. 7. William Evans & Rebecca Ensor

Mar. 14. Thomas x Serman & Sarah Tongue

Mar. 17. John butler & Ann Ashford

Mar. 21. Thomas Ludlow & Lucinda Baker

Mar. 27. William Jaynes, wid., & Sarah x Clayton

{Mar.} (Apr.) 10. Charles Faux & Mary x Avery (Not stated whether by banns or licence.)

Apr. 11. Samuel x Parsons & Sarah x Blike

Apr. 18. William Hays [sig. Hayes] & Mary x Vaughn

Apr. 25. Joseph Short & Ann x Slee

May 1. George Fitzer & Mary Brooks [sig. Brookes]

May 2. Joseph Cooper, wid., & Alice x Tisdell, wid.

May 8. John x Roe & Catherine Purcell

May 9. John Harman, wid., & Ann x Ballard

May 9. John Village & Elizabeth x Blundell

May 15. James Gibson & Mary Ann x Gould

May 16. Francis Wilson [sig. Willson] & Ann x Pritchett

May 22. John Taylor & Elizabeth Hill

May 29. John x Warren & Esther x Ash

May 30. William x Lucuass & Sarah x Brittian

May 30. Francis Moor [sig. Moore] & Mary Rathbourn [sig. Rathbone]

June 2. Daivd [sic] x Kempson, wid., & Abigal x Maccloud

June 4. Charles Wilson & Ann Mould, wid.

June 6. Andrew x Giggins & Ann x Nicholson, wid.

June 6. John Jones & Ann x Page

June 9. Joseph Pickard & Ann Ridyard

June 13. William Wilkes, wid., & Ann Reynolds

June 19. James Barbor & Jane x Sheppard

June 19. James Brazier & Pheobe x Birmin (Not stated whether by banns or licence.)

June 20. William Baker, wid., & Hanna Parkes

June 27. Edward Raven & Margaret Faulkner

June 30. John x Elliott & Esther Bliss

July 4. Robert x Rushtin & Hanna x Bould

July 4. Richard Rea & Susanna Buttler [sig. Butller]

July 4. William Tisdell (Condition not stated) & Mary Lysett (Condition not stated)

July 13. Isaac Baker Bird & Isabella Phillips, p. Halesowen, lic.

July 14. James Kinder, p. Chilvers Coton, & Elizabeth White [sig. Wight], lic.

July 14. William Scott & Hanna x Wright

July 24. Joseph Birch & Margaret x Wardle

July 25. John Richards, wid., & Catherine Whyley, wid.

Aug. 1. Joseph Reynolds & Sarah x Westwood by W. Hammersley

Aug. 1. Abraham Evans & Deborah x Tyra by W. Hammersley

Aug. 7. John x Mathews & Harriot Higgins, wid. by J. R. Holden, Curate

Aug. 7. William Tew & Mary x Hinkley by J. R. Holden, Curate

Aug. 7. Zechariah x Foxall & Ann Mantell by J. R. Holden, Curate

Aug. 14. Benjamin Pardoe & Mary Ann Smith by E. Dales

Aug. 14. Samuel x Marson & Mary x Pearson by E. Dales

Aug. 15. Thomas Tay & Pheobe Britton by W. Hammersley

Aug. 15. John x Ryland & Mary Cartwright by W. Hammersley

Aug. 21. William x Gray, wid., & Mary x Pemberton, wid. by J. R. Holden, Minister

Aug. 21. William Reay & Jane x Taylor by J. R. Holden, Minister

Aug. 22. William Fullwood & Mary Timmins by W. Hammersley

Aug. 28. Thomas x Dorson & Elizabeth x Elliss, wid. by E. Dales

Aug. 29. William Sadler & Lucy Broadfield by E. Dales

Aug. 29. Samuel x Powers, wid., & Maria x Parsons by E. Dales

Sep. 4 Daniel Gardner & Ann Thompson

Sep. 6. Nehemiah Eaves & Ann x Perkins

Sep. 8. Thomas Burtt [sig. Burt] & Margaret Powell

Sep. 26. William Moore, wid., & Ann Hodgkinson, wid. [On Monday, ‘at Edgbaston, Mr. William Moore to Mrs. Anne Hodgkinson, both of this town.’ – Aris’s Birmingham Gazette for Monday, Oct. 3, 1803.]

Sep. 26. John Bickley [sig. Bickey] & Sarah x Tavenor [sig. Tavernor]

Oct. 2. Daniel Pagett, p. King’s Swinford & Margaret Fitspatrick, lic.

Oct. 2. William Purshouse & Sarah x Aspinall

Oct. 9. John Smith & Jane Harper

Oct. 10. Luke Phillips & Elizabeth Savage

Oct. 11. Thomas Purkes & Dorothy Williamson, wid.

Oct. 16. William Bucklee & Sarah Barrar

Oct. 16. John x Griffis & Ann x Phillips

Oct. 23. George Austin & Sarah x Stanier

Oct. 24. John Fane & Elizabeth x Shele

Nov. 3. Richard Armstrong, p. P.B., & Elizabeth Champion, lic. (‘On Thursday, at Edgbaston Church, Richard Adolphus Armstrong, Captain of the 9th battalion of Reserve, to Miss Champion, daughter of John Champion, Esq., of Bristol.’ – Aris’s Birmingham Gazette for Monday, Nov. 7, 1803.)

Nov. 6. James Ravnell [sig. Ravnaell] & Ann x Bayliss

Nov. 6. Thomas x Waren & Mary Wilkes [sig. Wilks], wid.

Nov. 13. Richard Sheriff & Elizabeth Edmonds

Nov. 14. John x Bradbuary & Sarah x Mosely [sig. Moseley]

Nov. 21. Samuel Truby & Ann Griffin

Nov. 24. Thomas Higgs & Sarah x Perks

Dec. 12. James x Paull & Sarah Tonks

Dec. 12. Thomas Primer & Elizabeth x Herbert

Dec. 25. Edward x Taylor & Ann x Perry

Dec. 25. George Fantham & Mary x Underwood

Dec. 27. John Birch & Elizabeth Jones

Dec. 29. Robert Heys [sig. Hayes] & Grace x Maddocks


One thought on “Edgbaston Marriages 1803

  1. in the Gaunt of above…. theres a thing John of Gaunt in history,,,, theres a decendant. I saw really good article on Wikipedia re John O Gaunt …. everyone doing family history should read it. I also notice Paget decendant theres another tale …. Lord Paget.

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