Bromfield Baptisms and Burials 1795 to 1796

Jan. 16. Mary, d. of William Evans & Mary, bap.
Jan. 25. Ann, d. of William Lane & Sarah, bap.
Feb. 8. Sarah, d. of Richard Jones & Ann, bap.
Feb. 15. George, s. of Ann Lewis, bap.
Mar. 1. Ann, d. of John Teague & Ann, bap.
Mar. 12. Richard, s. of Thomas Howard & Mary, bap.
Mar. 22. Sarah, d. of Jeremiah Poston & Ann, bap.
Mar. 29. James, s. of Ann Turner, bap.
Apr. 19. John, s. of Thomas Pool & Ann, bap.
Apr. 20. Thomas Kendrick, s. of Martha Hodges, bap.
Apr. 26. Ann, d. of Henry Prince & Ann, bap.
May 10. Sarah, d. of Elizabeth James, bap.
May 30. Richard, s. of Thomas Passey & Sarah, bap.
Aug. 30. Harriot, d. of Ann Jones, bap.
Sep. 6. Mary, d. of George Carter & Mary, bap.
Oct. 3. Marow Maria Roberta, d. of Thomas Hodges & Mary, bap.
Oct. 11. Sarah, d. of Samuel Jones & Mary, bap.
Oct. 12. Sarah, d. of Mary Davis, bap.
Nov. 10. Elizabeth, d. of Richard Milman & Elizabeth, bap.
Dec. 13. Sarah, d. of John Hickman & Sarah, bap.
Jan. 5. Ann Reynolds, bur.
Feb. 17. John Wilson, bur.
Apr. 20. Priscilla Bach, bur.
June 7. John Griffiths, bur.
July 12. John Rogers, bur.
July 28. Ann Holland, bur.
Sep. 9. Susanna Watters, bur.
Sep. 26. William Titley, bur.
Nov. 7. Ann Jones, bur.
Dec. 31. Richard Passey, infant, bur.
Mar. 30. William, s. of Thomas Morris & Martha, bap. (at Halford)
Apr. 26. The sd. William Morris, bur. (at Halford)
July 1. Sarah, base d. of Mary Purslow, bap. (at Halford)
Sep. 6. Elizabeth, d. of Edward Smalman & Elizabeth, bap. (at Halford)
Oct. 4. Elizabeth, d. of Henry Jones & Martha, bap.

Feb. 21. Thomas, s. of Thomas Webster & Mary, bap.
Mar. 25. Samuel & Esther, s. & d. of Thomas Morris & Mary, bap.
May 15. Jane, d. of John Powell & Martha, bap.
July 8. Mary, d. of Henry Prince & Ann, bap.
Aug. 28. Thomas Eardley, s. of Thomas Hodges & Mary, bap.
Sep. 18. Jane, d. of Joseph Burgoyne & Elizabeth, bap.
Oct. 9. Martha, d. of Henry Williams & Martha, bap.
Nov. 26. Richard, s. of Richard Archer & Sarah, bap.
Oct. 9. William, s. of Thomas Pearce & Mary, bap.
Dec. 4. Richard, s. of Richard Millichope & Susanna, bap.
Dec. 11. Thomas, s. of John Salt & Mary, bap.
Dec. 25. Sarah, d. of Nicholas Hodnet & Mary, bap.
Jan. 8. Mary Lamb, bur.
Mar. 3. James Turner, infant, bur.
Mar. 15. John Waters, bur.
Mar. 24. Elizabeth Milman, infant, bur.
Apr. 20. Margaret Bytheway, bur.
Apr. 22. Susanna Corbet, bur.
May 2. Martha Griffiths, bur.
May 6. Sarah Grub, wid., bur.
June 23. John Jennings, bur.
Aug. 11. Mary Selman, wid., bur.
Sep. 7. John Hickman, bur.
Nov. 29. Sarah Beddoes, wid., bur.
Jan. 8. Elizabeth Head, bur. (at Halford)
May 1. Samuel, s. of Edward Price & Mary, bap. (at Halford)
Oct. 9. Isabel, d. of John Mannox & Mary, bap. (at Halford)
Nov. 6. Martha, d. of John Evans & Martha, bap. (at Halford)


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