Newport (Shropshire) Universal British Directory 1791

Is distant from London 141 miles, forty from Chester, twenty from Whitchurch, nineteen from Shrewsbury, and eighteen from Bridgenorth.  It is situated on a plain near the borders of Staffordshire, by the Roman way called Watling-street; but is most remarkable for its free-school, already spoken of in vol. iv. P 408.  The church has a square tower and six bells, also a clock and chimes.  Here was one a monastery.  The market is on Saturday; and fairs, Saturday before Palm-Sunday, May 28, July 27, and Dec 10.
The post is dispatched for London every day except Saturday at seven in the morning; arrives from London every evening except Monday at seven. – Cross post dispatched at the same hours.
The Excise-office is at the Red Lion Inn: Mr. Seare, Collector; Mr. Growcott and Mr. Witherell, Officers.
Bankers – Horden, Molineux, and Bishton, draw on Harcourt, Blake, Sanson, Postlethwaite, and Tamer, No. 65, Lombard-street, London.
A coach form the Red Lion inn to London, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, morning, at four o’clock; and one for Chester the same evenings at eleven o’clock. – Scott’s wagon to London every Tuesday morning at four o’clock. – Ceswell’s cart to Wellington and Shiffnall on Tuesdays. – The following are the principal inhabitants:


Adams Mr. John
Ballard Mr. Benjamin
Boldbrey Mr. Thomas
Cullwich Mr. John
Holmes Mr. William
Keeling Mr. John
Meek Mr. Robert
Morris Mr. Thomas, sen.
Old Mr. William
Scarlett Mr. William
Wheatley Mr. John
Walker Mr. John
Whitgave Tho. Henry Francis, Esq.


Langley Rev. William
Outlew Rev. Robert
Wingfield Rev. Richard


Baddeley Thomas, Surgeon
Higgins Robert, Surgeon
Jones John, Surgeon


Dickinson Thomas, Attorney
Morris Thomas, jun. Attorney
Stanley Samuel, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Adderley William, Hair-dresser
Adderley Richard, Shoemaker
Appleby George, Taylor
Arrowsmith Thomas, Baker
Backhouse Thomas, Breeches-maker
Barber John, Butcher
Barber William, Butcher
Barber Thomas, Butcher
Barlow Elizabeth, Mantua-maker
Beech Edward, Taylor
Benbow Thomas, Watchmaker
Bennett Jane and Eliz. Ladies’ School
Bentley Thomas, Butcher
Biddelstone Thomas, Bricklayer
Birch Robert, Basket-maker
Blakemoore Thomas, Linen-draper
Boon Edward, Taylor
Bott Richard, Taylor
Bray Moses, Smith
Breese John, Victualler, (Bear)
Bridgen Thomas; Schoolmaster
Brown Mary, Vict. (Waggon & Horses)
Brown Thomas, Grocer and Ironmonger
Brown George, Plumber and Glazier
Bullock Elizabeth, Sadler
Bullock William, Sadler
Bycott Richard, Butcher
Clinton Jonathan, Skinner
Clowes Josiah, Breeches-maker
Cobb Samuel, Writing-master
Collier Thomas, Brazier
Collier Wm. Ironmonger and Druggist
Commell George, Cabinet-maker
Cooper Thomas, Clockmaker
Cox William, Staymaker
Crump John, Bricklayer
Crump Thomas, Bricklayer
Crump Thomas, sen. Bricklayer
Dean Tho. Victualler, (Raven and Bell)
Dean Mary, Perfumer
Dicken William, Hatter
Eldershaw John, Ironmonger
Elkin Henry, Shoemaker
Felton John, Shoemaker
Felton William, Victualler
Fulwood Thomas, Vict. (Royal Oak)
Glegg Frances, Schoolmistress
Gosnell Thomas, Victualler, (Swan)
Grant Richard, Smith
Grice Thomas, Sadler
Hancocks Elizabeth, Cheesemonger
Harris Henry, Taylor
Hawkins William, Victualler
Hazeldine John, Victualler, (Wheatsheaf)
Hazeldine Richard, Maltster
Hill James, Victualler, (Bell)
Homerson Thomas, Baker
Horton Richard, Cabinet-maker
Houlsdon J. Huckster
Howell Arthur, Victualler, (Blue Boar)
Howell Edward, Shoemaker
Hughes William, Smith
Humphreys Elizabeth, New Inn
Humphreys Joseph, Hair-dresser
Hutchinson John, Victualler, (Star)
Icke John, Grocer and Stationer
Icke Thomas, Baker
James John, Peruke-maker
Jones William, Hatter
Justice Sarah and Rebecca, Milliners
Justice William, Butcher
Kegele Barnard, Draper
Kirby John, Victualler, (George)
Lane John, Shoemaker
Leuns Thomas, Hair-dresser
Lewellen George, Breeches-maker
Marsh Watkin, Shoemaker
Masfield and Higgins, Drapers
Meadley Richard, Vict. (Black Horse)
Meek William, Mercer and Draper
Milward Stephen, Chairmaker
Moreton John, Vict. (White Horse)
Moreton Henry, Gardener
Morris Thomas, Victualler, (Unicorn)
Morris Rob. Victualler, (Cross Keys)
Morris Ellis, Grocer
Morris David, Bookbinder
Muskin Charles, Huckster
Norris Susanna, Circulating Library
Owen William, Plasterer
Parkes William, Coach-master
Parkes Susanna, Milliner
Parson Thomas, Timber-merchant
Peate William, Sadler
Perry William, Shoemaker
Pickring Margate [sic], Baker
Plant John, Victualler, (Fox & Grapes)
Plant Thomas, Clockmaker
Plant Stephen, Dyer and Clothier
Podmoore Edward, Baker
Preston John, Shoemaker
Price Margate [sic], Huckster
Richards William, Butcher
Rider Samuel, Staymaker
Rogers Joseph, Hatter
Rounes Joseph, Nailer
Rust Stephen, Sadler
Sargeant Peter, Currier
Shorton John, Staymaker
Shuker John, Grocer
Sillitoe Michael, Cheesemonger
Sillitoe Richard, Butcher and Victualler
Sillitoe John, Victualler, (Crown)
Small John, Baker
Smith Hannah, Victualler, (Blue Ball)
Smith John, Sadler
Spender John, Victualler, (Old Crow)
Stanion William, Victualler, (Talbot)
Stokes William, Farmer
Stokes Thomas, Farmer
Stoneley Richard, Cabinet-maker
Taylor Frances, Plumber
Taylor Isaac, Maltster
Topham Joseph, Cooper
Turner John, Victualler, (Barley-mow)
Turner William, Stamp-office
Turner Fra. Vict. (Plume of Feathers)
Turner William, Old Red Lion Inn
Vickers Peter, Victualler, (Old Red Cow)
Walker Robert, Currier
Webb John, Dyer
Wheatley William, Butcher
Whild Thomas, Tallow-chandler
Whitehouse Richard, Victualler, (Horse and Farrier)
Whitehouse Ann and E. Milliners
Williams William, Mason
Winn James, Huckster
Worrell Joseph, Shoemaker

Source: Universal British Directory 1791


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