Newnham 1791

Newnham is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Severn, and the out-post of Gloucester.  It was anciently a borough, but is now governed by two beams or constables; has a market on Friday, and fairs on the 11th of June and 18th of October.  Here is a very safe ferry over the Severn, which is near a mile wide, to Arlingham on the opposite side.  At Ayleford, in this parish, are extensive forges for working bar-iron and iron-wire, the property of Messrs. Dobbs and Taylor.
Newnham is distant form Gloucester twelve miles, Mitchel Dean six, Chepstow seventeen, and London one hundred and sixteen.
Principal inns are, the Bear, George, Ship, and Red Lion.
A cross-post to Gloucester; Daniel Edmonds, post-master. – Here is a carrier to Gloucester every Saturday.
A market-boat to Bristol every spring. – Several coasting vessels are constantly employed, and vessels occasionally go to London.

The following are the principal inhabitants:


Fowler – , Esq.
Jones Raynon, Esq. (F.)
Jones Joseph, Gent. (F.)


Webb Rev. Benjamin, (F.) Curate


Jones Charles, (F.) Surgeon and Apothecary
Williams William, (F.) Surgeon and Apothecary


Matthews John, (F.) Attorney
Tovey Thomas, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Baynham John, (F.) Carpenter and Builder
Baynham William, Carpenter
Boughton John, (F.) Merchant
Boughton Joseph, Timber-merchant and Shipbuilder
Cannock Lancelot, (F.) Grazier
Clarke John, (F.) Ship Inn
Clarke Richard, Butcher
Coleman John, Maltster and Baker
Dobbs and Taylor, Proprietors of the Iron Works
Edmonds Daniel, Bear Inn
Hill James, (F.) Grazier
Jones Mrs.
Knowles Elizabeth, Mercer
Martin George, (F.) Grazier
Marshall William, (F.) George Inn
Morgan John, (F.) Merchant
Morris Edward, (F.) Fellmonger
Morris Richard, (F.) Smith
Morris Thomas, (F.) Grazier
Pick James, (F.) Tanner
Playne Samuel, Sadler
Playsted John, (F.) Red Lion Inn
Playsted John, (F.) Mariner
Powell James, (F.) Grazier
Sargeant Richard, (F.) Mercer
Swayne Joseph, (F.) Merchant
Swayne John, (F.) Tanner
Williams James, (F.) Glazier
Wintle John, sen. (F.) Merchant
Wintle John, jun. (F.) Merchant

There are no gentlemens seats in the neighbourhood but what are nearer to, and have been noticed under the article, “Dean.”

Source: Universal British Directory 1791


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