Newent 1791

Is situated in the forest of Dean, west of the Severn, on a river navigable by boats.  It has its name from a new inn, erected there for the accommodation of travellers passing to or from Wales.  The parish is twenty miles in compass, in which are several hamlets.  Here are three almshouses and two charity-schools.  It is an ill-built town, of very little trade; has a small market on Friday, and four annual fairs, viz. Wednesday before Easter, Wednesday before Whitsuntide, August 12, and Friday after the 19th September.
In this parish some valuable mines of coal have been lately discovered, and which promise to be of great advantage to the proprietors in particular, and to the public in general; as an act of parliament has been recently obtained for making a navigable canal from hence to Hereford, &c.  The beds of coal appear to be of great magnitude, and the ore of excellent quality.
Newent is distant from Gloucester nine miles, Ledbury seven, Ross seven, and London one hundred and fourteen.
This is only a cross post, and no coach of regular carrier.  Here is one good inn, the George.

The following are the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.

Astman Miles, Gent. (F.)
Beale John, Gent. (F.)
Barnes Mrs. Sarah
Bower Mrs. Hannah
Brasington Thomas, Gent. (F.)
Chinn Edward, Esq. (F.)
Chinn Miss
Cocks Peter, Gent
Cummins John, Gent. (F.)
Deykes William, Gent. (F.)
Draper Samuel, Gent. (F.)
Goode Mrs.
Hartland Edward, Gent. (F.)
Hill John, jun. Gent. (F.)
Jones Charles, Esq. (F.)
Morse John, Gent.
Richardson Mrs.
Scudamore H. B. Esq. (F.)
Small – , Gent
White Mrs. Elizabeth
White Mrs. Sarah


Beale Rev. William
Davis Rev. Thomas, (F.)
Foley Rev. John, (F.) Vicar
Morgan Rev. William, Curate


Aycrigg Charles, (F.) Surgeon and Apothecary
Richardson Thomas, (F.) Ditto
Warren Thomas, Druggist, &c.


Ainsworth – , Attorney
Aycrigg Benjamin, Attorney
Elton John, (F.) Attorney
Hankins – , (F.) Attorney
Paul Matthew, (F.) Attorney

Traders, &c.

Allen Daniel, (F.) Breeches-maker
Allen Richard, Shoemaker
Andrews Stephen, Peruke-maker
Arnold James, (F.) Shoemaker
Baylis Richard, (F.) Carpenter
Beale William, Grazier
Bower Hubert, (F.) Tanner
Bower John, (F.) Tanner
Burgess William, (F.) Gardener
Careless John, Mercer
Child John, (F.) Shoemaker
Clutterbuck Job, Baker
Cowmeadow William, Smith
Cummins James, (F.) Grazier
Dowle William, Mercer
Edmunds John, (F.) Timber-merchant
Edmunds Christopher, Butcher
Farley Richard, (F.) Victualler
Farley Richard, Cabinet-maker
Forty John, Flax-dresser
Gardner William, (F.) Baker
Griffiths Thomas, Innkeeper, (George)
Green William, (F.) Glazier
Hartland William, (F.) Grazier
Hartland Thomas, Ditto
Hatton William, (F.) Ditto
Hatton Francis, Ditto
Herbert Jeremiah, (F.) Ditto
Hill John, sen. (F.) Ditto
Hill John, (F.) Sadler
James Philip, Innholder
Jones John, (F.) Cooper
Knott William, Glazier
Loggins William, Victualler
Loveridge Richard, (F.) Grazier
Matthews James, (F.) Grazier
Matthews James, (F.) Victualler
Morse John Nourse, (F.) Mercer
Morgan Thomas, Mealman
Nicholls Robert, (F.) Carpenter
Nurthen John, (F.) Shoemaker
Pace Walter, Hatter
Peters – , Shopkeeper
Roberts John, (F.) Currier
Roston Ann, Mercer
Robinson Thomas, (F.) Maltster
Sier Paul, (F.) Bricklayer
Skinner Stephen, Grazier
Smith Robert, (F.) Victualler
Spilsbury Benjamin, Grazier
Taylor Thomas, (F.) Carpenter
Taylor William, (F.) Butcher
Taylor Richard, Shopkeeper
Warn Richard, (F.) Butcher
Warn Thomas, (F.) Carpenter
Welling William, (F.) Fellmonger
Welling Samuel, (F.) Shoemaker
White John, Grazier
White William, Ditto
Wood John, (F.) Ditto
Wood William, (F.) Butcher
Wood Samuel, (F.) Taylor

Source: Universal British Directory 1791


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