Eaton-Under-Heywood Marriages 1835 to 1837


Feb. 23. William Parton & Eliza Davies. W., James Norrys, Betsy Poston.

May 10. William Langford, p. Stokesay, & Mary Bore. W., Charles Bore, Martha Hotchkiss.

May 11. Thomas Haywood & Mary Ann Merrick, p. Hughley, lic. W., John Thomas, Ann Merick.

May 26. William Beddoes & Hannah Yapp. W., Thomas Harris, Emma Yapp.

Sep. 2. William Dun, b., & Mary Garner, sp. W., James Garner, Jonathan Sandford.


Feb. 9. John Madilen, p. Kenley, & Mary Sankey. W., Joseph Madelin, Margaret Madelin.

May 1. Thomas Bates, b., & Susannah Richards, sp., lic. W, Samuel Jones, Susannah Jones.

May 19. Richard Nichols, p. Hope Bowdler,  & Charlotte Roberts. W., Edward Lewis, Hannah Lewis.

May 23. Boniam Higgins, b., & Eliza Wall, sp. W., Thomas Higgins, Elizab. Higgins.

June 20. John Speak, p. Cardington, b., & Sarah Davies, sp. W., Thomas Jones, Ellen Miles.

Dec. 19. William Garner, b., & Elizabeth Garner, sp., p. Church Stretton, lic. W., John Garner, Mary Garner.


Dec. 3. Samuel Wood & Martha Carter. W., Richard Carter, Sarah Carter.

Richard Sandford.


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