Eaton-Under-Heywood Baptisms 1835 to 1837

1835 Jan. 11.  Eliz., d. of Richard Carter, Labr., & Sarah, of Soudley.

1835 May 10.  John, s. of John Ray, Labr., & Mary, of Soudley.

1835 June 30.  Mary, d. of John Elson, Shoemaker, & Jane, of Heywood.

1835 July 14.  Sarah, d. of Henry Goode, Shopkeeper, & Ann, of Ticklerton.

1835 Aug. 19.  William, s. of Francis Harris, Labr., & Mary, of Hatton.

1835 Aug. 29.  John, s. of Mary Howels, Single Woman, of Sudeley.

1835 Oct. 4.  Ann, d. of John Preece, Farmer, & Martha, of Upper Millichope.

1835 Oct. 7.  Edwin, s. of Emma Yapp, Single Woman, of Heywood.

1835 Nov. 20.  James, s. of Robt. Everal, Farmer, & Mary, of Ticklerton.

1836  Mar. 6.  Francis, s. of Willm. Preece, Labr., & Ann, of Upper Millichope.

1836 Mar. 12.  Mary, d. of Margaret Powel, Single Woman, of Topley.

1836 Mar. 17.  Josiah, s. of Josiah Ducket, Mason, & Martha, of Heywood.

1836 June 24.  Jane, d. of Isaiah Lindop, Farmer, & Mary, of East Wall.

1836 Sep. 14.  Thos., s. of Margaret Wenlock, Single Woman, of Heywood Common.

1836 Oct. 2.  John, s. of Eliz. Higgins, Single Woman, of Millichope.

1836 Oct. 13.  Eliza, d. of Eliz. Lister, Single Woman, of Longville.

1836 Oct. 16.  Mary, d. of William Dunn, Labr., & Mary, of Eaton.

1836 Nov. 1.  Willm., s. of Thos. Bennet, Labr., & Ann, of Sudeley.

1836 Nov. 27.  Mary Ann, d. of Bonum Higgins, Labr., & Eliza, of Highwood.

1836 Dec. 18.  Mary, d. of Richd. Carter, Labr., & Sarah, of Sudley.

1837 Jan. 8.  William, s. of John Elstone, Shoemaker, & Jane, of Heywood.

1837 Jan. 18.  Sarah Jane, d. of John Preece, Farmer, & Martha, of Millichope.

1837 Feb. 18.  Richd., s. of Joseph Jones, Farmer, & Sarah, of Eaton.

1837 Feb. 22.  Thos., s. of Francis Harris, Labr., & Mary, of Hatton.

1837 Mar. 14.  John, s. of Willm. Parton, Labr., & Eliza, of Sudeley.

1837 Ap. 27.  Ann, d. of George Harris, Mason, & Ann, of Heywood.

1837 May 14.  Chas., s. of Thos. Benbow, Farmer, & Alice, of Hatton.

1837 June 4.  Thos., s. of Thos. Bache, Labr., & Susan, of Hatton.

1837 July 2.  Harriet, d. of Hannah Child, Single Woman, of Millichope.

1837 July 9.  Thos., s. of Henry Goode, Shopkeeper, & Ann, of Ticklerton.

1837 July. 16.  Alice, d. of Mary Lyster, Single Woman, of Longville.

1837 July 30.  Mary, d. of Wm. Garner, Farmer, & Eliz., of Ticklerton.

1837 Oct. 1.  Jane, d. of Josiah Ducket, Stone Mason, & Martha, of Heywood.


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