Syde Marriages 1686 to 1812

Thomas Wallin & Mary Pomar, 30 Dec. 1698

James Lawrence & Mary Watkins, both p. Withington, 17 July 1718

Thomas Naish & Anne Freeman, both p. Brockworth, 16 Nov. 1718

John Blanch & Betty Vernum, 4 Oct. 1719

George Lawrence, p. Daglingworth, & Penellope Wooley, of this p., 2 Aug. 1730

John Parslow, p. N. Cerney, & Mary Webb, of this p., 13 Oct. 1732

Thomas Venfield & Elizabeth Prichard, both p. Elkstone, 14 Apr. 1733

Cheveral Jones & Elizabeth Dix, both of this p., 11 Mar. 1739

John Abell, p. Winston, & Beata Canter, of this p., 13 Feb. 1754

John Pill & Betty Herbert, both of this p., 30 Sept. 1759

Arnold Hope, p. Bledington, & Jane Brunsdon, of this p., 21 July 1760

Robert Brown, p. Brimpsfield, & Ann turner, of this p., lic., 27 Sept. 1762

John Price & Hester Mitchel, both of this p., 10 Oct. 1768

John Musto & Eleanor Scriven, both of this p., 9 Oct. 1775

William Fryer, p. Longney, & Anne Lyne, of this p., lic., 22 Apr. 1784

William Townsend, p. Weston, Glouc., & Ane Web, p. Dunsborne Abbots, lic., 1 Apr. 1785

William Herbert, p. Churchdown, & Hannah Line, of this p., lic., 28 Apr. 1788

John Herbert, p. Elmston, Glouc., & Susannah Lyne, this p., lic., [this order], 2 May 1786

Thomas Lyne, of this p., & Betty Blake, p. Withington, lic., 1 June 1790

Henry Herbert, p. Brinsfield, Glouc., & Ann Marshfield, of the same p., 10 Oct. 1796

Thomas Smith, p. Brinsfield, Glouc., w., & Mary Bryan, of this p., lic., 18 July 1797

John Bartlett, p. Cirencester, & Hester Price, of this p., lic., 26 Nov. 1797

Robert Chappel Shill & Prudence Golding, both of this p., 30 May 1809

Thomas Goulding, p. Baunton, & Rachael March, this p., 30 Oct. 1809

[No Marriages entered 1810-12.]

[The following note occurs in this Register :- “On Munday, 30 October 1749, dyed at his house at Syde, Walter Ridler, Esq., and was buried in the family vault at Edgworth.”  Fosbrooke says the Ridlers sold Syde to the Kingscotes.]

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. XII. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1906.


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