Woodchester Bennetts Business Directory 1899

Browning J, grocer, High st
Browning W, dealer in all kinds of groceries, sweets, &c., Station rd
Cardwell E W, builder
Cross Inn, High st – T Wilson
Demmery S, bootmaker
Fletcher W, grocer
Fox E J & Co., cloth manfrs. Southfields
Gorton G, family grocer & provision dealer, General Stores, Post Office, High st
Grist J & Co., shoddy manfrs
Harding J, grocer, High st
Hatton Mrs, dressmaker, High st
Hopkins W J, seedsman
Hyett M, grocer
Jefferies S, coal mcht, Railway Station
Jersey Creamery Co, Inchbrook
Jerseys. Ltd, dairy appliance makers
Jones E, painter, High st
Lewton W, carpenter
Lugg W F, shoeing smith, Station Hill
Mabbett W M, butcher, Cainscross
Matthews J & W, shoeing smiths, Frogmarsh
Newman S J, brassfounder
Old Fleece Inn, Rooksmore – J W Neale
Pearce G H, carriage builder
Penn Mrs, draper
Phillips N, green grocer, Bridge st
Pitt N C & Co, cork manfrs
Plough Inn – W Lewton
Pugh T, grocer, Cainscross
Ram Inn, High st – C Harrison
Ratcliff C & J, carpenters
Royal Oak – J Mortimer
Spring Inn – W Shill
Smith W, greengrocer
Telegraph & Money Order Office
Turner A & Co, drapers
Turner J, butcher, High st
Ward, grocer
While, grocer, Paker Hill
White Horse Inn – J Hooper
Woodward W, baker, High st
Workman H, timber mcht
Yew Tree Inn, High st – G Latham
Yorke J M, grocer, Selsey rd

Source: Bennetts Business Directory (Gloucestershire Section) 1899; Bennett & Co. Printers and Publishers, Birmingham.


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