Albrighton (Shrewsbury) Shropshire Parish Documents 1902

Documents, etc. in the custody of the Parish Meeting. – Kept by the Chairman at his house, viz:-

Minute Book.

Documents, etc. in the custody of the Vicar. – Kept in a safe in the Vestry, viz:-

Terrier, dated 1884.

General Register, stated to commence 1665 (but first entry 1674) to 1790. There is a note on the first page of this Register – “The age of the old Register is the year 1563.” (NB. – This has been lost.)

Register of Baptisms and Burials, 1790 – 1812
Register of Baptisms 1813 – in use.
Register of Marriages, 1852 – in use
Register of Banns, 1858 – in use
Register of Burials, 1813 –in use.

(Note. – It will be observed that there is no Register of Marriages in this Parish from 1790 to 1852.)

The Vicar of Albrighton has no Tithe Map or Award, but Mr. Sparrow, of Albrighton Hall, has a copy which is dated 1845.

Source: Shropshire Parish Documents published 1902.  A report of the Inspection of Parish Documents made to Salop County Council under section 17 of the Local Government Act 1894.

Note: The location of the documents listed in this transcription are as cited in the book published in 1902 and should be used as a guide only. It should not be assumed that the documents are still kept at the stated location.  Interested parties should perhaps contact Shropshire records office to ascertain the documents current whereabouts.

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