Wotton-under-Edge Gell and Bradshaw Directory 1820

Adams Adam, surgeon
Adey Wm. Esq.
Adey Miss E. Bradley street
Austin Edward, woollen manufacturer, Chopping
Austin Anthony Esq., Long street
Austin Mrs. Thomas, Old Town
Baldwin Robert, butcher, Market street
Ballen Samuel, silversmith, Market-place
Bailey John, shopkeeper, Market-street
Bailey Robert, surgeon, Haw street
Beadey John, Woollen manufacturer
Bempasher Mrs. Ann
Bennett Thomas, brick maker, Bradley streetBletchly Michael, Haw street
Blizard Robart, Star Inn and Commercial House, brandy merchant, Market place
Bowen David, surgeon, Long street
Bracey James, agent to the Royal Exchange Fire Office
Brown Thomas, shopkeeper, Long street
Bruton Daniel, woollen manufacturer, Long street
Bushell Samuel, pawnbroker, Pound’s ground
Cary Samuel, grocer, Long street
Cary Thomas, victualler, Falcon, Church street
Chaffin Charles, Swan Inn and Traveller’s House, market st.
Chapman Thomas, shopkeeper, Long street
Clark Thomas, glover and breeches maker, Market place
Coal John, hat manufacturer, Bradley street
Cook Charles, victualler, Glazier’s Arms
Cook Charles, engineer, Bradley street
Cooper John, Woollen manufacturer, High street
Cooper, Owen, and Co. woollen manufacturers, High street
Cornwall Rev. P. M.
Cornwall Richard, butcher, Bear lane
Cossens John, woollen manufacturer, Haw street
Cossens John, shopkeeper, Market street
Cother Benjamin, shopkeeper, Long street
Dauncey Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Long street
Derrett Joseph, shopkeeper, Church street
Downs Thomas, shoemaker, Church street
Dunn James, tailor and draper, market street
Dutton John, salesman and shopkeeper, market street
Dutton Elizabeth, straw hat manufacturer, market street
Dyer H. W. woollen manufacturer, Bradley street
Dyer Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Combe
Eastmead Charles, tailor, near the Blue School
Ellis John, cabinet maker, Long street
Evans Mary, grocer, Long street
Farthing Benjamin, shoemaker, Long street
Foxwell Thomas, gent. Long street
Foxwell John, tailor, Long street
Fry Wm. baker, Pound’s Ground
Gardner Charles, shopkeeper, Dyer’s brook
Gardner Wm. Bristol carrier, haw street
George Samuel, carpenter, Pound’s Ground
Gwynn Edward, victualler, Shear Man’s Arms
Harding Mary, cooper, Long street
Halloway, Samuel, bricklayer, Church street
Harmer John, linen draper and hosier, Long street
Harris Mrs. Mary Ann Lloyd, Chipping
Hathway Edward, blacksmith, Long street
Heskins Frances, brush maker, Long street
Hill Rev. Rowland
Hale J. B. gent. Long street
Hine John, gardener and seedsman, Church street
Hook Richard, butcher, Long street
Hopkins Ann, shopkeeper, Church street
Hopkins Aaron, clothier, Church street
Howell Ann, tallow chandler and baker, Long street
Hunt John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Long street
Hunt J. H. estate agent, auctioneer, appraiser, undertaker, and agent to the Norwich Union Fire Office
James Wm. woollen manufacturer, Long street
James P. A. surgeon, Long street
James Isaac, victualler, King’s Arms, and pig dealer
Jones Benjamin, draper and grocer, Bradley street
Jones George, victualler, White Lion Inn
Kite Charles, tailor and draper, Long street
Knight James, baker, Bradley street
Lane Richard, fishmonger, Long street
Le Chavalier Thomas, brewer and London carrier, Lisle-house
Lewis Rev. John, Independent Minister, Old Town
Lewis John, music master, Market street
Long Henry, Market place
Lord Samuel, gardener, Long street
Lucy Wm. Boarding school
Marston James, victualler, Pack Horse, Haw street
Miles Walter, schoolmaster, Church street
Miles Wm. schoolmaster, Market place
Mills Joseph, linen draper and salesman, Long street
Moffatt Wm. shopkeeper and lodging house, Long street
Mountjoy W. W. surgeon, Long street
Mc Clean and Co. grocers, Market street
Nash John, currier, Dyer’s brook
Neale Thomas, clothier, Long street
Neale John, clothier, Long street
Oliver J. H. confectioner
Organ Edward, blacksmith, Haw street
Page Edward, hair dresser, Long street
Palser Thomas, gent. Chipping
Palser Joseph, message card maker, and agent to the Bristol Fire Office
Palser Thomas, jun. paper maker, Hack mill
Palser J. and J. smiths and farriers, Old Town
Parker Charles, basket maker, Long street
Parsons Thomas, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and undertaker
Parsons Abraham, baker, Bear lane
Parsons Jacob, boot and shoemaker, Market street
Pearce Wm. attorney, Chipping
Pearce James, boot and shoe maker, Long street
Pearce Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Long street
Peggler Samuel, gent. Long street
Peggler John, boot and shoe maker, Market street
Phillips John, plumber, glazier, and painter, Chipping
Pincot James, linen and woollen draper
Pinnell Joseph, Ram Inn
Pinnell Thomas, carpenter and shop keeper, Pound’s Ground
Pinnell Samuel, wheelwright, Haw street
Pinnell Edward, boot and shoe maker, Market place
Plomer Daniel, sen. tinplate worker, Long street
Plomer Daniel, jun. ironfounder and tin plate worker
Plomer Wm. saddler and harness maker, Market street
Plomer S. H. and E. dress makers, Long street
Plomer Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Long street
Pontan Betsy, shopkeeper, Long street
Poole Wm. boot and shoe maker, Long street
Potter John, baker, Long street
Potter Wm. watch and clock maker, Long street
Povey Wm. bookseller, printer, stationer, binder, and agent to the Phoenix Fire Office, Long street
Powell John, victualler, Mitre, Dyer’s brook
Pritchard Wm. butcher and shopkeeper, Church street
Richings John, baker and pawnbroker, Sinwell
Robins Thomas, grocer, Bradley street
Rodway Elizabeth, ironmonger, Long street
Round Edward, Gloucester carrier, Bradley street
Rowles Wm. Woollen manufacturer, Long street
Simms James, druggist, Long street
Sinderby George, ironmonger, brazier, and tinplate worker
Smith Joseph, draper and mercer, High street
Smith John, breeches maker, Market place
Smith James, tailor, Long street
Smith Isaac, shopkeeper, Long street
Sommers Mary Ann, school for young ladies
Spencer James, plasterer, Long street
Spratt John, cooper, Long street
Tate Ann, victualler, Brewer’s Arms
Tayler David, surgeon, Long street
Tattersall John, dyer, Vicarage
Thomas Rev. Thomas, Haw street
Townsend Sarah, undertaker and stamp office, Market st.
Twyford Josiah, road surveyor, Bradley street
Twyford John, printer and bookbinder, Bradley street
Twyford John, gardener, Bradley street
Vaughan Abraham, tailor and draper, Long street
Vaughan Thomas, tailor and draper, Long street
Vines Mrs. Chipping
Vines John, gardener, Church street
Vizard Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Long street
Wade Edward, leather cutter, Market street
Wallington, Wm. wine and spirit merchant, Long street
Watts John, linen draper, glass and china dealer, Market st.
Watts Samuel, tailor and draper, Market St.
Watts Edward, saddler and shopkeeper, Long street
Weerrett George, carpenter and wheelwright, Long street
White Samuel, Pound’s Ground
Wiles Richard, victular, Royal Oak Inn and maltster, Long street
Wiles Nathaniel, Victualler, Crown Inn, Market place
Wilkes William, shopkeeper, Long street
Wilkes Henry, watch and clock maker, Long street
Williams Henry, confectioner, Market street
Witt F. H. druggist and apothecary, Long street
Woodward Wm. tailor and draper, Long street
Workman Wm. wheelwright, Pound’s Ground

Source: The Gloucestershire Directory; R. Gell & T. Bradshaw; Printed by J. Roberts, Gloucester 1820


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