Dursley – Gell and Bradshaw Gloucestershire Directory 1820

Dursley is delightfully situated on the Cam, from which a village, four miles further down the river, derives its name.  It is 15 miles S.W. of Gloucester, 107 W. of London, and 25 N. of Bristol; from the Severn it is distant about seven miles.  It returns no members to Parliament, though it is a corporate town.  The government is in the hands of a Bailiff and four Constables.  This town carries on a considerable trade in the clothing line, and supplies to a wide extent the manufacturers with wire cards.  Its neighbourhood, and indeed the whole of the clothing district, including Painswick, Stroud, Minchinhampton, Rodborough, Uley, Nailsworth, Wotton-under-Edge, and Frocester, perhaps is not surpassed in rich and varied scenery by any county in the kingdom.  It appears to have been at some period capable of defence, (though neither history nor tradition supplies anything satisfactory as to its military importance) for there is at present extant the remains of a fortification, and the field contiguous still continues to bear the name of Castle-field.

The Manor and Castle of this town were given to Roger de Berkeley, in the reign of William the Conqueror, and continued without intermission in that family till the reign of King Edward the fourth, when it decended to the Weeks’s from an heiress of the Berkeley’s.  Robert Weeks sold it to the Estcourts, of Lashborough, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth: and Thomas Estcourt, Esq. of Shipton, is the present Lord of the manor, but it gives the title of Viscount to the Earl of Berkeley, whose eldest son is always called Lord Dursley.  Near this town is a rock of stone, extremely soft to cut, but after being exposed some time to the action of the air, it becomes incredibly hard.  It is called by the inhabitants puff-stone; the walls of Berkeley Castle have been built with it for nearly seven hundred years, and no decay is found in them.  The churches and public buildings in the neighbourhood are mostly built with the same stone.  We are informed by a friend that the vaulting of Gloucester Cathedral, between the ribs and the arches, is also made of the same kind of stone, and no doubt it came from Dursley, as the Rectory of Dursley formerly belonged to Gloucester Abbey, until it was annexed to the Archdeaconry, in 1447.


Addey Mrs. Jane, Long street
Alpass James, saddler and harness maker, Parsonage street
Ardrey John, cooper, ditto
Austin John and Co., woollen manufacturer, Townend
Baker John, shoe maker, Long street
Baldwin Thomas, post-master, Long street
Ball John, gent. Parsonage
Bayley William, card board maker
Bendall George, hat maker, Parsonage street
Bennett Rev. Wm., master of the commercial school, Parsonage
Blackwell Mrs. Martha, Long street
Bloxsome and Player, bankers
Bloxsome and Wells, attornies, and agents to the Hope Fire Office
Bloxsome Edward, Esq., deputy clerk of the peace
Box Henry, sen. leather cutter and grocer, Silver street
Box Henry, boot and shoe maker, Market place
Brothers Henry, jun. Long street
Brown Tryphena, school for ladies, Long street
Bryant James, clothier, Parsonage street
Champion George, shopkeeper, Long street
Champion Samuel, twine manufacturer, saddler, and harness maker, Parsonage street
Chinnock Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Woodmancote
Clark Mary Ann, ironmonger, Silver street
Clark Elizabeth, dress-maker
Cock John, White Lion Inn, Market street
Cook John, glover and breeches maker, Parsonage street
Creed Samuel, hair dresser, Silver street
Danford Isaac, agent, Woodmancote
Dauncey James, clothier, Coaley
Dauncey Thomas, draper, hosier, and haberdasher
Dimery Harry, gardener, seedsman, and maltster, Parsonage street
Dubberley Elizabeth, Hunters’ Hall Inn, King’s Court
Edmunds Charles, shopkeeper, licensed to let horses and gigs, Long street
Edwards Mr., blacksmith, Parsonage
Elliott Mr., shopkeeper, Woodmancote
Exell Samuel, draper and grocer, Parsonage street
Fisher Giles, card-maker, wire drawer and worker, Woodmancote
Ford Aaron, tailor, Long street
Francis J. O., accountant, Parsonage street
Frape Elizabeth, straw hat manufacturer
Frape Joseph, stone-mason, Long street
Frape William, stone-mason, ditto
French George, plumber, glazier, painter, sign writer, and gilder, Long street
Fry William, surgeon
Gainer Isaac, governor of the House of Industry, Silver st
Giddings Wm., basket-maker, Parsonage street
Godwin Edward, cooper, Market-place
Godwin Richard, carpenter and joiner, Market-place
Goodrich Edmund, salesman, Parsonage street
Granger John, Officer of Excise, Water street
Gregory Thomas, druggist, Parsonage street
Halliday John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Parsonage street
Handcock James, painter and glazier, Silver street
Handcock George, shopkeeper, Market-place
Harding Mark, watch and clock maker, and agent to the County Fire Office, Silver street
Harding William, wire drawer, Long street
Harding James, rope and twine manufacturer, Parsonage st
Harding John, grocer, Long street
Harding Charles, tailor, Long street
Harris George and Sons, woollen manufacturers, Lower mills
Harris George, sen. Ten Acres
Harris Adonagah, ditto
Harris Wm. plumber and glazier, Parsonage street
Harris Ann, grocer, Market-place
Holder Thomas, Star Inn, Silver street
Howard John, gent. Townsend
Hurlstone Peter, pork-butcher, Long street
Jackson Mr., shopkeeper, ditto
Jakeway Samuel, millwright, Woodmancote
Jenkins John, carrier, ditto
Jobbons Peter, pork butcher, ditto
Joyner – , pastry cook, Parsonage
Joyner Sarah, shopkeeper, Silver street
Lawton John, plasterer, ditto
Longstress John, shopkeeper, ditto
Lyon John, staymaker, Parsonage street
Marsh Ann, grocer, Silver street
Mear Thomas, watch and clock maker, and agent to the Bristol Fire Office, Silver street
Merrett Thomas, builder
Millard Mrs. carrier, maltster, and shopkeeper, Woodmancote
Moore John, druggist, Silver street
Moore Tho. and Son, grocers, ironmongers, tallow chandlers, and agents to Sun Fire Office, Market-place
Morris Ursula, Market-place
Naish Mrs. Long street
Neale Misses, ditto
Packer John, brass founder and smith, Parsonage street
Payne Ann, victualler, Bell and Castle Inn, ditto
Pearce Joseph, brightsmith and bell hanger
Piff John, Old Bell Inn, Long street
Player James, mercer, ditto
Player Timothy, upholsterer, Woodmancote
Pruen Rev. Thomas, Parsonage
Randall James, blacksmith, Woodmancote
Richards Thomas, hop and seed merchant, parsonage street
Rickards Wm., printer, stationer, auctioneer, and agent to the Norwich Fire Office, Long street
Rickards Jonathan, Silver street
Rickards Miss, dress maker
Riddiford Aaron, Lamb Inn, and Sheriff’s Officer, Parsonage street
Roberts Thomas, boot and shoe maker, ditto
Roberts Mary, King’s Head Inn, ditto
Roberts Thomas, basket-maker, Silver street
Roberts Wm., victualler, Boot, brazier and tinplate worker, Silver street
Robinson Wm., baker, maltster, and confectioner, Woodmancote
Roe James, baker, Long street
Roe Thomas, victualler, Golden Hart, Long street
Roe Richard, tailor, draper, and man’s mercer, Long street
Rudder Wm., card maker, Woodmancote
Rudder Nathaniel, tailor, draper, china and glass warehouse, Silver street
Smith Robert, surgeon
Smith John, salesman, Long street
Smith Mrs., ditto, Woodmancote
Smith Jonathan, Silver street
Smith Robert, gardener, Woodmancote
Smith John, gardener, ditto
Smith Miss, milliner, ditto
Stagg James, grocer and millwright, Silver street
Steel Samuel, shoe-maker, ditto
Stiff Nehemiah, butcher, Long street
Stiff Wm., tailor, Parsonage street
Summers Mary, dress maker, Long street
Summers Edward, pressman, Parsonage street
Tallboys James, rope manufacturer, Long street
Taylor James, victualler, Bull Inn, maltster and baker, Woodmancote
Tilton John, brazier and tin-plate worker, plumber and glazier, Parsonage street
Tippetts Thomas, gent. Woodmancote house
Trotman Samuel, victualler, New Bull Inn, Long street
Trotman Thomas, hosier, Parsonage street
Trotman John, mercer and draper, ditto
Troughton and Clarks, mercers, drapers, and stamp office
Turman Thomas, miller
Turpin Wm., house and sign painter, Silver street
Tyndall Thomas, cheese and bacon factor, Woodmancote
Vizard and Buchanan, attornies, Long street
Vizard C. and G. woollen manufacturers, Long street
Vizard Charles, gent. Ferney hill
Vizard George, gent., ditto
Vizard Wm., hair dresser, Silver street
Wall Thomas, joiner and carpenter, Woodmancote
Wall Wm., banker’s clerk, Parsonage street
Wallington A. and J., woollen manufacturers
Wallington Edward, gent. Long street
Warner Mrs. school for young ladies, New Mills house
Webb John, millwright, Woodmancote
Weight Wm., card maker, ditto
Weight Edmund, watch and clock maker, Market-place
Wells W. B., attorney, Woodmancote
West Edward, builder, Parsonage
White Thomas, confectioner, Silver street
White R. R., chemist and druggist, Parsonage street
Whiting Mrs. straw hat maker
Williams Thomas, gent. Long street
Williams Samuel, currier, ditto
Williams Richard, card maker and maltster, ditto
Williams Elizabeth, baker and maltster, ditto
Williams Rice, baker, Silver street
Williams Mrs. Elizabeth, Parsonage
Williams W. H. grocer, Market-place
Williams Edmund, baker and maltster, Long street
Wood John, engine and hand card maker, Parsonage street
Woodruffe Mr. mason, Woodmancote
Young J. and Son, attornies, and agents to the Norwich Fire Office, Woodmancote

Source: The Gloucestershire Directory; R. Gell & T. Bradshaw; Printed by J. Roberts, Gloucester 1820


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