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St. Philip's Church in Birmingham
The North Prospect of St. Philip’s Church in Birmingham from the print by W. Westly, 1732

This is our second parish church, and is still frequently spoken of as the “New” Church. The site is a splendid one, and won the admiration of our historian, Hutton. He writes: “When I first saw St. Philip’s, in the year 1741, at a proper distance, uncrowded with houses – for there were none to the North, New Hall excepted –untarnished with smoke, and illuminated by a western sun, I was delighted with its appearance, and thought it then what I do now, and what others will in future, the pride of the place.” It was begun in 1711, consecrated October 4, 1715, and finished in 1719.

Source: The Foresters’ Guide to Birmingham and Its Neighbourhood. Presented by the Demonstration Committee to the Delegates In High Court Meeting, Assembled in Birmingham, August, 1883.Specially Prepared For the Occasion by John Alfred Langford, LL.D; F.R.H.S. Birmingham: James Upton, Baskerville Printing Works, Great Charles Street. 1883