Pins – Birmingham Manufactures and Industries Foresters Guide Book 1883

This useful trade dates from the year 1750, and at that time the making of a perfect pin required no fewer than fourteen processes. They are now, thanks to machinery, turned out from the wire by the action of a single machine. It is very interesting to watch these machines at work. They make pins of all kinds and sizes with the same rapidity and perfection; some of them so small that it takes 300,000 to make a pound in weight. The work can be seen at Taylor & Co.’s, George Street, Parade, and Edridge, Merrett & Co.’s, Legge Street.

Source: The Foresters’ Guide to Birmingham and Its Neighbourhood. Presented by the Demonstration Committee to the Delegates In High Court Meeting, Assembled in Birmingham, August, 1883.Specially Prepared For the Occasion by John Alfred Langford, LL.D; F.R.H.S. Birmingham: James Upton, Baskerville Printing Works, Great Charles Street. 1883