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Wherof William Bayly gent. Is Lord.

Phillip Sheppeard gent. 2. p.

John Crewe his servant. 1. ca.

John Coocher.

Henry Wedley. 1. ca.

Edward Parke. 1. ca.

[The two above, Husbandmen servants to Byrd gent.]
Will’m Darby.

Robert Worsam.

[The above two, Servants also to the said Mr. Byrd.]

John Pearce Tucker. 2. ca.

John Slade Caryar. 2. py.

John Shepperd husbandman. 2. ca.

John Blisse Saylor. 2. m.

Thomas Bowry husbandman. 1. ca.

Edmond Heynes Tucker. 2. ca. tr.

Anselme Bayly Clothier. 2. m. tr.

Henry Thomas his servant.

Thomas Weaver husbandman. 2. py.

Thomas Taylor husbandman. 2. ca.

Michaell Parke brodewever. 2. ca.

John Dawby Smith. 2. py.

Leonard Haulinge Carpenter. 1. p.

William Burdley Tucker. 2. p. tr.

John Burdley his sonne. 1. p.

Robert Parke Tucker. 2. ca.

Will’m Symes Tucker. 2. py.

John Bushe his servant. 1. ca.

John Symes Tucker.

Benedict Newman Tucker. 1. ca.

John Harrys husbandman. 2. m. tr.

Richard Handman husbandman. tr.

Hugh Handman his sonne. 1. ca.

Thomas Wall husbandman. 2. py.

John Parke husbandman. 2. ca. tr.

Richard Caswell husbandman. 2. ca.

Leonard Harrys husbandman. 1. ca.

Richard Pulford husbandman. 2. py.

Henry Newman husbandman. 1. ca.

Leonard Halle Clothier. 2. m. tr.

Gyles Wodley husbandman. 2. ca.

Henry Payne husbandman. 1. ca.

John Shott husbandman. 2. ca.

John Swanley brodewever. 2. ca.

John Masters husbandman. 2. py.

Will’m ffreeman brodewever. 1. m.

Edward Wilkins husbandman. 1. ca.

James ffreame husbandman. 1. ca.

John Jeffe Inkeeper 2. ca.

Henry Bullocke. 1. ca.

Phillip Williams. 1. ca.

[The above two, Servants to the said John Jeffe].

John Morgan husbandman. 1. ca.

The figure (1). sheweth the age of that man to bee about Twenty.
The figure (2). Sheweth the age of that man to bee about fforty.
The figure (3.) sheweth the age of that man to bee between fyfty and threescore.
The L’re (P.) sheweth the man to be of the tallest stature fitt to make a pykeman.
The L’re (m.) sheweth the man to bee of a middle stature fitt to make a musketyer.
The L’res (ca.) sheweth the man to bee of a lower stature fitt to serve with a Calyver.
The L’res (py.) sheweth the man to bee of the meanest stature either fit for a pyoner, or of little other use.
The L’res (tr.) sheweth that at the takinge of this viewe, hee was then a trayned soldyer.
The L’res (sub.) sheweth that the said man was then a subsidy man.