An Illustrated History of Kingstone

An Illustrated History of Kingstone Paperback – 3 Oct 2018
by James F. Gallimore (Author)

A history of Kingstone – nothing ever happened here? Do you need a stately home, an association with a famous person, or a momentous event for a place to be of historical interest? It is true that Kingstone can make claims to none of the above. It is also true that any such links can distort the historical record, leaving the life and times of the ordinary man, woman and child undocumented; and what kind of history is it which ignores most of the population? This work is a people’s history; it details the ‘who, where and when’ as they have changed over the centuries within this small Staffordshire village. This book is written primarily for those who already know the village; you may live in Kingstone itself, or nearby in the Uttoxeter area of East Staffordshire. This book may also be a useful resource if you are interested in your family history and have links with some of Kingstone past inhabitants. Any village history, with its narrow scope, has a very limited obvious readership. You may not know Kingstone, but if your interest is in local history, or the lives of ordinary people, you will find descriptions of a long-gone way of life which once existed throughout much of rural England.

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