188 Smith Memorial – Memorials of the Old Meeting House and Burial Ground Birmingham

Engraving No: 188

wife of Timothy Smith
died January the 20th 1826
Aged 59 years

Timothy Smith
died the 17th of July 1834
Aged 69 years

Saml Morgan Smith
Grandson of the above
Born Oct 17th 1834 died Jan 3rd 1841

Widow of the above Timothy Smith
Born at Exeter Nov 27th 1786
Died at Edgbaston July 13th 1877
Aged 90 years

Note: Timothy Smith was a Banker of the firm of Moilliet, Smith and Pearson; a magistrate, and a Low Bailiff in1801. Elizabeth Smith, his first wife, born Morgan. Lucy Smith, his second wife, was the daughter of the Rev. Timothy Kenrick, of Exeter, and sister of the late Rev. John Kenrick, of York.

Extracted From: Beale, Catherine Hutton. Memorials of the Old Meeting House and Burial Ground, Birmingham. White & Pike 1882.

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