Bread Street Birmingham 1777


5 Frizer, Timothy
13 Pulton, John
15 Lowe, Edward
20 Britain, Wm.
26 Willmore, Richard
31 Cope, Thomas
32 Mason, J.

(Hill Street)

Crosby, Thomas
3 Lutwych, John
11 Toy, S.
12 Groves, Joseph
13 Sly, Wm.
29 Smith, G.

(New Market)

4 Birch, Rd.
6 Luckett, W.
10 Constable, T.
15 Rollins, John

Source: Birmingham 120 Years Ago. Being a Reprint of an old Directory, published in 1777. Scarse, Charles E. (Compiler & Editor). Printed Birmingham for Cornish Brothers, New Street, 1896.

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