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GLADSTONE STREET. Cohen, Saml., 15 ; Tailor and draper. Finn, I, 14 ; Draper.

HAVELOCK PLACE, SHELTON. Price, Maurice, 2a ; Merchant tailor and draper.

HIGH STREET. Lewis, L., 25 ; Butcher. Myers, Julian, 59, 76, 80; Boot and shoe dealer.

HOWARD PLACE. Epstein, Morris, 5 ; Financial agent.

HOPE STREET. Alexander, Jos., 89 ; Painter and glass dealer. Jacobs, Kewell, 114; Paper and glass dealer.

MARKET STREET. Goldberg, L., 45 ; Financier.

PARLIAMENT ROW. Greenberg, Saml., 47 ; Merchant tailor. Levin, J. ; Sponge merchant. Rotenberg, Myer, 4 ; Waterproof garment manfr.

PICCADILLY. Alexander, Adolph, Piccadilly Buildings ; Merchant tailor. Est. 1872. Bandell, J., 76 ; Wall paper merchant. Gershon, Saml. ; Warwickshire Furnishing Company.

YORK STREET. Leventhal, M., 4; Restaurant. Sumberg, S. (Rev.) ; Synagogue house.

Source: Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom 1894 by Harfield, Eugene G.