Ombersley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Ombersley, 5 miles from Worcester, containing 283 houses, and 1696 inhabitants. The parish is very extensive being nearly 12 miles in circumference and has 17 hamlets annexed to it. Here is a good charity school.

Amphlett Thomas, farmer

Amphlett T jun., farmer

Amphlett Richard, farmer and maltster

Armstrong Phillip, cooper

Ball Wm, wheelwright

Barnett S., schoolmaster

Batchelor Edw., farmer

Birch Samuel, farmer

Boughton Edward, farmer (Acton)

Boughton Edward, farmer (Hadley)

Bourne Charles, smith

Brighton Richard, vict.

Brighton Edward, maltster and farmer

Brook Nathaniel, draper

Burrow Edward, farmer

Burrow Thomas, farmer

Burrow John, miller

Burrow Sarah, farmer

Cole William, smith

Colley Richard, esq.

Cook Richard, farmer

Cook James, farmer

Cox Rd., wheelwright

Dalby Thomas, farmer

Dalloway William, schoolmaster

Dowding Robt. farmer

Downshire Most Noble Marchioness of

Duggard Widow, farmer

Evans Wm., bricklayer

Gardner J. B. farmer

Gardner Richard, farmer

Gardner T. S. farmer

Gardner J. H., farmer

Gardner Thomas, farmer

Gardner Widow, farmer

Glasbrook Edw. farmer

Goodwin Edw., shoemaker

Grove Robert, farmer

Harper Richard, farmer

Hartland John, farmer

Halton Richard, farmer

Higgs William, farmer

Hobday Thomas, farmer

Hollington Joseph, farmer

Hope Joseph, butcher

Hope George, shoemaker

Jones William, farmer

Lamb Susan, farmer

Lawrence W., carpenter

Lawrence W., miller

Lightbourne Samuel

Malpas Thomas, farmer

Meadows Francis, farmer

Moule Joseph, farmer

Moule William, farmer

Munn Thomas, farmer

Munn John, farmer

Nash Thomas, farmer

Newey George, farmer

Oakes J. stone mason

Onley William, farmer

Onley Edward, farmer

Palmer M. shopkeeper

Pardoe John, farmer

Pardoe James, farmer

Partridge T, sen, farmer

Partridge T. jun. farmer

Patrick Samuel, smith

Peach Susan, vict.

Perks John, farmer

Perry Richard, farmer

Price Frederick, glazier

Pritchett Rev. John

Pugh Edward, butcher

Randle John, farmer

Randle Joseph, farmer

Roistons Thomas, farmer

Sanders John, jun. farmer

Severn Ann, vict.

Silvester W. A. farmer

Sockett Rev. Thomas

Soley George, farmer

Taylor Mary, farmer

Taylor Robert, farmer

Tolley Richard, farmer

Tolley John, farmer

Tolley Thos. jun. farmer

Tombs Thomas, farmer

Tracey Mary, farmer

Tracey Samuel, baker

Watkins John, esq.

Watkins John, sen.

Whitney John, carpenter

Whitney William, farmer

Williams John, esq.

Williams J. G. vict.

Wilson William, farmer

Winnall Thomas, farmer

Winnall John, farmer

Wood John, farmer (Sychampton)

Wood John, farmer, (Tapenhall)

Wright Joseph, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.