Marriages at Redditch 1808 to 1812

Henry Bartleet, w., & Sarah Bates, w., both of this p., lic., 20 Sept. 1808

Joseph Hill, b., & Sarah Davis, s., both of this p., 3 Apr. 1809

Thomas Lewis, b., & Elizabeth Sealy, “a spinstress,” both of this p., 6 Nov. 1809

Edward Gardner, b., & Mary Davis, s., both of this p., 26 Dec. 1809

Jonathan Ikin, b., of St. George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, & Elizabeth Bartleet, s., this p., lic., 18 Jan. 1810

Charles Palmer & Mary Clark, of this p., 5 Mar. 1810

Job Edwards & Elizabeth Headon, both of this p., 11 June 1810

William Chair, b., & Hannah Lindon, both of this p., 4 Mar. 1811

Daniel Allens, of the 24th Regiment of Infantry, & Elizabeth Baker, of the parish of Alcester, lic., 10 Oct. 1811

Source: Worcester Parish Registers. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., and W. F. Carter, B. A. Vol. I. London: Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co. 124 Chancery Lane. 1901.