Martley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Martley, 7 miles from Worcester, containing 173 houses, and 1050 inhabitants.

Adcock Edward, farmer

Alldridge J., carpenter

Alldridge Wm., carpenter

Badger John, farmer

Best Rev. Francis

Biddle Robert, farmer

Bishop George, farmer

Bradband William, farmer

Butt John, farmer

Cartridge Mark, farmer

Crisp Thomas, farmer

Dowding William, esq.

Dowding Charles, farmer

Davis John, farmer

Davis Daniel, butcher

Downes John, farmer

Ennes James, farmer

Footman J., shoemaker

Gardner Edward, farmer

Gardner Ed. jun., farmer

Gittens James, farmer

Gold Susannah, farmer

Harris Francis, farmer

Hickin John, farmer

Hodges George, farmer

Holliday John, farmer

Holmes Thomas, farmer

Howell Daniel, vict.

Key Thomas, victualler

Kilson Thomas, farmer

Lench John, farmer

Lench Thomas, farmer

Lewis John, farmer

Merrick J., shopkeeper

Mills William, farmer

Morton Thomas, farmer

Munn Edward, farmer

Nash George, esq.

Nurse Thomas, farmer

Palmer James, farmer

Pritchett Mary, farmer

Rastell John, shopkeeper

Rastell Sam., shoemaker

Rastell Joseph, smith

Rogers Arnold, tanner

Rowley George, cooper

Sanders Thomas, farmer

Smith Nathaniel, farmer

Turley Jas. sen. farmer

Turley Jas. jun. farmer

Turley Edward, farmer

Turley Benjamin, farmer

Turley Edward, cooper

Watkins George, cooper

White Benjamin, farmer

Williams Rev. R.

Young Thomas, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.