Hereford Trades and Professions Cassey Directory of Herefordshire 1858


Bradley A., King st.

Collins W., Ferrer’s st

Hardman J., Widemarsh st

Lloyd W., East st

Watkins R., King st

Agents, Land, House, & Estate

Apperley W. H., St. John’s st

Birch T., Commercial road

James W., King st

Stephens J. Y., St. Ethelbert st

Sunderland J. H., St. Owen’s st

Woodyatt J., King st

Auctioneers & Appraisers

Bottrell W., The Friars

Brookes G., St. Owen’s st

Davies John, Gaol lane, Union st

James W., Friar st

Mills B., Broad st

Newman T., Bye st

Sunderland J. H., St. Owen’s st


Chesterton G., Above Eign

Davies G., St. Martin’s st

Davis G., Widemarsh st

Evans G., Church st

Evans J., Widemarsh st

Godsall J., St. Owen’s st

Gwynne A., King st

Harris T., St. Owen’s street without

Hill Henry, Widemarsh street without

Howells F., East st

Jones W., Bye st

Kinnersley T., Widemarsh st

Pritchard J., St. Owen’s gate

Roberts J., St. Peter’s st

Rogers W., Bridge st

Rudge R., Eign st

Saint J., St. Owen’s st

Symonds W., Commercial road

Starkey J., Widemarsh st

Trills G., Berrington st

Troughton J., Eign st

Tyler and Garnier, St. Nicholas sq

Whaler R., St. Owen’s street without

Williams C., Green lane

Williams F., Widemarsh st

Williams T., St. Owen’s street without

Booksellers & Stationers

Davies T. T., High Town

Elliott R., Bridge st

Gardner J., Church st

Head J., High Town

Jones J., Broad st

Merrick F. & A., High street

Parker J., High Town

Peters R., St. Peter’s st

Phillips W., High Town

Boot and Shoemakers

Allsop T., Cabbage lane

Bayliss C., Union st

Beavan T., Maylord’s lane

Birch Mrs., Broad st

Bishop J., St. Owen’s st

Bruton Mrs. E., High st

Chamberlain W., Widemarsh st

Chance G., Little Berrington st

Clarke James, Albert street

Clarke William, Albert st

Cole H., St. Owen’s street without

Corbett R., Blue School lane

Davies C, Drybridge

Davies J., West st

Davies S., Bewell st

Day T. E. & H., Broad st

Evans James, Broad st

Francis W., Church st

Garstone W., King st

Hewitt E, Broad st

Hoskins E., Bewell st

Hoskins E., Bye st

James W., Cabbage lane

Kinnersley T., Pipe lane

Lawrence R., Berrington st

Lewis W., Wyebridge st

Mills H., St. Owen’s st

Morgan G., Pig market

Morris R., Bye st

Morris R. P., Broad st

Nash W., Bye st

Nash W., Eign st

Palmer T., Blue School ln

Phillips W., Bye st

Powell W., Widemarsh st

Preece J., Bye st

Pugh H., St. Owen’s st

Rowberry J., Little Berrington st

Saycell R., Ross road

Strong W., Mill lane

Taylor J., Union st

Thomas J., Brockhall gate

Trumper T., Bewell st

Turner W., St. Owen’s st

Underwood H., Bewell st

Ward J., Widemarsh gate

Watkins G., Berrington st

West E., Widemarsh st

Williams E., Eign st

Williams G., Friar st

Williams M., St. Martin’s st

Williams S., St. Martin’s st


Cross Joseph, Blue School lane

Brick and Tile Makers

Bristow E. L., Widemarsh st

Pritchard R., Albert st

Tunks Thomas, (and manufacturing of all sorts of square tiles for ovens, flooring, &c.) Worm hill brick and tile yard; h Crossway house


Beavan W., Victoria st

Bigglestone E., Bridge st

Bigglestone J., Church st

Bond J., 4, Oxford terrace

Bowers J., Eign st

Bowers J., Widemarsh st

Cole G., Commercial road

Davies Thomas, Above Eign

Elleman H., St. Owen st

Exton J., St. Martin’s st

Gray W. J., Eign st

Harrison W., St. Owen st without

Johnson L., Commercial road

Morgan G., Widemarsh gate

Roberts G., Eign gate

Treherne T., Above Eign

Weaver R., St. Owen’s st without

Welsh R., 7, Clarence place


Baskerville E., Cabbage lane

Berrow J., Eign st

Berrow H., Church st

Bigglestone J., Blackmarston

Carless J., High Town

Cole J., Commercial road

Collins M., Widemarsh st

Constable W., Bridge st

Deen S., Bridge st

Evans T., King st

Fleetwood W. H., Maylord’s lane

Harley R., Eign st

Hewer F., Eign st

Hunt C., Eign st

Lane C., St. Martin st

Morgan T., Union st

Nash T., St. Peter’s st

Pritchard T., St. Owen’s st

Smith C., Bye st

Stock C., St. Owen’s st without

Taylor H., Bye st

Wathen Wm., Widemarsh st

Winter T., Church st

Winter W., St. Owen’s st

Cabinet Makers

Holland J., Victoria st

Jeynes J., Church st

Morris F., East st

Morris F., St. Owen’s st

Price James, St. Owen’s st

Seal G., Little Berrington st

Thompson R., St. Martin’s st

Wathen W., (& upholsterer), St. Nicholas square

Williams J., King st

Carpenters & Joiners

Baynham W., Castle st

Beavan J., Blue School lane

Davis J., Union st

Jackson W., Widemarsh gate

Lee C., Bewell st

Lloyd B., Aylestone hill

Morgan J., Church st

Nash S., Cambrian place

Parsons J., St. Owen’s street without

Price W., Albert st

Rogers W. C., East st

Weston J., St. Owen’s street without

Chemists & Druggists

Binstead B., Broad st

Cotton J., Bye st

Duggan H. S., Broad st

Gethen W., High st

Harris H., Eign st

Jennings R., High Town

Lane H. G., Commercial road

Lee I., Bye st

Ralph P., High Town

Seward W., High Town

Stephens G. W., High Town

Williams W., Bridge st

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers

Boulton J., High st

Chance M., Church st

Gray H., High Town

Morris E., Eign st

Wright A., Bye st


Baynham S., Pig market

Davis R., Broad st

Maclean W. H., St. Peter’s st

Norris T., Bye st

Rosenborn H., Broad st

Watson M., High Town

Coach Builders

Davies W., Bridge st

Powell J., Victoria st

Stowe J., Eign gate

Coach Painters

James T., Above Eign

Maddox T., Above Eign

Coal Merchants

Elleman S., Pipe lane

George E., Canal Wharf

Jones R., Catherine st

Lloyd S., Above Eign

Martin T., Above Eign

Morris T.


Bound A., Union st

Lane E., St. Nicholas square

Lingham E., Union st

Preece W., Union st

Williams T., Eign st

Corn & Flour Dealers

Bishop J., St. Nicholas square

Bomford T., Commercial sq

Bruton J., East st

Cooper Mrs., Bewell st

Norris N. D., Maylord’s lane

Myer S., St. Peter st

Roberts J., St. Peter st

Turner T., Pig market

Curriers & Leather Cutters

Barratt J., Eign st

Hatton J. & C., Widemarsh st without

Huxley J., Eign st

Knight R. F., Church st

Pritchard T., Broad st


Badham J., High Town

Barrett and Smerdon, High st

Burgum John, (linen, woollen, & general) High Town

Donne J. S. H., High town

Durham T., Bye st

Evans T., High Town

Gethen P. & H., High Town

Howells T., Widemarsh st

Keay R., Commercial square

Lewis J., High Town

Phillips Miss Elizabeth, (late Pickering & Phillips), linen draper, hosier, & haberdasher, 1, Broad st

Pember G., High Town

Pilley M. and Co., Widemarsh st

Rowberry J., St. Peter st

Weaver C., Eign st

Webb J., High st

Woolley and Watkins, High Town


Furnell T., Commercial road

Davies Benjamin, (and machinist), St Martin st

Latcham R. Need, Market st

Furniture Brokers

Brookes George, St. Owen’s st

Davies John, (& licensed appraiser, also licensed to let Gig and Saddle Horses,) Gaol lane, Union st

Molton Robert, Church st

Grocers & Tea Dealers

Alcott – , Bye st

Allgood T., Eign st

Bayley A. and R., Broad st

Bomford T., Commercial square

Bowen T., St. Martin’s st

Brown R., The Friars

Brunsdon and Gurney, High Town

Cooke J. and H., High st.

Cooke G., Eign st

Court T. A., High Town

Davies C., Commercial road

Davies E., Blackmarston road

Davies G., Widemarsh st

Evans T., Widemarsh gate

Evans W., High Town

Everall J., Bridge st

Fish Charles Robert, (& baker, and corn and provision dealer,) Widemarsh

Fluck J., Broad st

Gammond T., Ross road

Goode S., High Town

Hall J., High Town

Haywood C. J., High Town

Herbert Miss Rebecca. (& provision dealer) 1, Bridge street

Hill H., Widemarsh st

Hook C., Broad st

Huckson J., Eign st

James T., Above Eign

Jones W., Bye st

Keaye E., Commercial sq

Kinnersley T., Widemarsh street without

Lawford H. and E., St. Owen’s st

Long M., Eign gate

Matthews W., Eign st

Packwood M. A., St. Owen’s st

Parry and Clarkson, High Town

Powell A., Eign st

Pritchard J., St. Owen’s street without

Prosser J., St. Owen’s st

Sayce M. A., St. Owen’s st

Sharp C., Eign gate

Smith E., High st

Spencer J., Church st

Stephens J., High st

Symonds W., Commercial road

Thackway J., Eign st

Thomas W., Widemarsh st

Trills G., Berrington st

Tyler and Garnier, St. Nicholas sq

Watkins C., High Town

Webb and Bosley, High st

Williams F., Widemarsh street without

Worthing T., King street

Hosiers & Glovers

Bowkett W., Union st

Phillips Miss Elizabeth, (& linen draper, &c.) 1, Broad st

Rogers J., Broad st

Wakeford E., High st

Hotels, Inns, & Taverns

Albion Hotel – John Clarke Morgan, Widemarsh street

Angler Inn, (and Commercial house) – William Dutton, Union st

Bell – T. Easthope, Pipe lane

Black Lion Inn, (& Commercial house) – James Griffiths, Bridge st

Black Swan, (agricultural, and commercial hotel, and posting house) – Wm. Payne, Widemarsh st

Booth Hall – W. Smith, High Town

Bowling Green – S. Stevens, Bewell st

Bull’s Head – C. E. Lane, Widemarsh com

Butcher’s Arms – G. Jones, Berrington st

City Arms – W. Smyth, Broad st

Coach and Horses – J. Griffiths, Bye st

Crown and Anchor – T. Easthope, Wye bridge

Crown and Sceptre – W. Jones, Bye st

Dukes Head – Thos. Pritchard, Norfolk tr.

Elephant and Castle – B. Browing, St. Peter’s st

Essex Arms – J. Parry, Widemarsh street without

Farrier’s Arms – R. Jones, Catherine st

Fleece – St. Owen’s street

Garrick’s Head – J. Miller, Broad st

Gardener’s Arms – R. Palmer, St. Peter’s st

Globe – T. Boulton, Broad st

Grapes – H. Butt, West st

Green Dragon – W. & J. Bosley, Broad st

Greyhound – Mrs. M. Cotton, Eign st

Greyhound Dog Inn, (and agricultural and commercial house) – Mrs. Sarah Bigglestone, Blackmarston

Half Moon – J. H. Evans, Broad st

Heart of Oak, (agricultural & commercial) –Christopher Nash, Widemarsh st

Hop Pole –J. Hodges, Commercial rd

Horse and Groom – C. Brown, Eign st

Imperial Brewery – C. Watkins, Widemarsh street

Kerry Arms – E. Grimes, Commercial sq

Kings Head – H. May, Broad st

Lamb – C. Clarke, St. Owen’s st

Maidenhead – H. Murphy, Eign st

Mitre – Elizabeth Waring, Broad st

New Cattle Market, (agricultural, and commercial inn) – William Simpson, Cattle Market

Nag’s Head – F. Barrett, Broad st

Nelson – T. Coffey, West st

New Inn – William Lee, (& builder) Widemarsh

Old Harp – W. Preece, Widemarsh st

Orange Tree – J. Hewitson, St. Nicholas sq

Oxford Arms – W. Bull, Widemarsh street without

Pack Horse – Frances Newman, Blackmarston road

Plough – T. Bach, Above Eign

Prince of Wales – J. Biddle, Broad st

Punch Bowl – J. Bullen, West st

Queen’s Arms – Wm. Swift, Broad st

Race Horse – Chas. Abbott, Widemarsh gt

Railway Bell – W. Francis, Blue School ln

Red Lion – J. Williams, Eign gate

Red-streaked Tree – Maylord’s lane

Royal George – C. Owens, Widemarsh st

Royal Oak – F. K. Lloyd, Bridge st

Royal Standard – G. A. Preece, Bewell st

Rummer Tavern – Mrs. E. Davies, Bewell street

Saracen’s Head – Thomas Carpenter, St. Martin’s st

Seven Stars – Mrs. Ann Taylor, East st

Ship – D. Clarke, St. Owen’s st Without

Ship – W. Davison, Ross road

Spread Eagle – W. Gardner, King st

Sun Tavern – W. Allen, High Town

Sun – W. Mann, St. Owen’s st

Three Crowns – C. Watkins, Eign st

Victoria – James Dakin, Ross road

Weaver’s Arms – T. Burns, Bewell st

Wellington Arms – R. Hardman, Widemarsh st

White Hart – H. Addis, Broad st

White Horse – H. Bailey, Union st

White Lion – T. Pugh, Maylord’s lane

White Swan – J. Evan’s, Broad st


Hodges C. and Son, Mill st

Ladmore J., Widemarsh st


Bennett Charles, High Town

Carless T. and H., High st

Evans Francis, (& chain, and nail manufacturer), 6, Bridge st

Merrick M. A., High st

Morris P., Widemarsh st

Stephens J. L., High Town

Workman R. S., Widemarsh st


Davies Benjamin, (& engineer), St. Martin street

Latcham R., New Market st


Bristow E. L., Widemarsh st

Bruton J., East st

Clarke C., St. Owen’s st

Mills B., Broad st

James Isaac, Eign mill

Newman J., Berrington st

Russell W. & C., Berrington st

Watkins C., West st


Cooke George, Victoria st

James Isaac, Eign and Scutt mills

Watkins Charles, Friar st

Wheeler Richard, Lugg mills

Wheeler R., St. Owen’s street without


Cartwright W., St. Nicholas sq

Davies Benjamin, (& engineer), St. Martin street

Davies B., Above Eign

Waters J., Walworth place, Above Eign

Nail Makers

Hickman R., Eign, St. Owen’s

Lilley J., Blue School lane

Evans Francis, (& chain) 6, Bridge st

Nursery and Seedsmen

Davison George, Widemarsh st

Edmonds H., Broad st

Godsall W., St. Owen’s st

Smith W., St. Peter’s st

Watkins J., Bye st

Williams S., Widemarsh street without


Bleecklye John, Castle st

Bull H. G., St. John st

Gilliland W. L., Castle st

Plumbers, Painters, and Glaziers

Barber M., Bridge st

Brace T., Green lane, St. Owen’s

Clement J. S., Ferrer st

Cook J., Bewell st

Davies Thomas, St. Nicholas sq

Gammage H., Victoria st

Gethen Mrs. A. H., High st

Green J., Union st

Hewitt H., 5 Oxford terrace

James Jesse, Bye st

Lambert J., Union st

Nicholas C., Victoria st

Powell E., Eign st

Rowberry William, St. Owen’s st

Savory R., Bye st

Smith A., Maylord’s lane

Stephens W., Wyebridge st

Vaughan J., Bye st


Bigglestone T., St. Owen’s street without

Davies T. T., High Town

Elliott R., Bye st

Head J., High Town

Jones J., Broad st

Merrick F. and H., High st

Parker J., High Town

Whitelock W. H., 3, Oxford terrace

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Barrett R., Broad st

Baylis W., High st

McDowell A, Eign gate

McLeen S., Bridge st

Peake E., Bye st

Roberts F., Bridge st

Roberts John, High Town


Bars Court School, Widemarsh st

Blue School, Blue School lane

Carpenter R., St. Owen’s st

Carpenter T., Widemarsh st

Chapman W., Aylestone hill

Catholic School, Broad st

Dyer M., Above Eign

Evans J., Berrington st

Grammar School, College green

Jarrett R., St. Owen’s st

Morgan E., St. Nicholas sq

Morris M., Castle st

Preece Misses, Widemarsh st

Raisbeck W. K, Commercial road

Ramsey Mrs., (ladies’ day) St. Owen’s st

Spencer M. A., Church st

St. Peter’s (charity), Union st

Tringham W., Church st

Veal Mrs., Commercial road


Bayley J., Maylord’s lane

Colcomb R., Cattle Market

Davies J., Drybridge, St. Martin’s

Derry J., Union st

Edwards J., Portfields, St. Owen’s st

Long T., Victoria st

Matthews W., Pig Market

Neat William, Gaol lane

Preece J., Above Eign


Aston W., 36, St. Owen’s st

Beddoe H. C., the Priory

Bodenham and James, High st

Braithwaite T., Bye st

Built W., Union st

Bullock W., Widemarsh st

Cleave J., Bridge st

Davis J., Widemarsh st

De Boinville A. C., St. Owen’s street

Fluck T. H., Widemarsh st

Gough J. E., Bridge st

Griffiths J. H., Widemarsh st

Griffiths W., Ferrers st

Gwillim J., St. Owen’s st

Humphreys W., Bridge st

James J. G., St. Peter’s st

Jay J., Bye st

Law T., King st

Lanwarne N., East st

Pritchard E., East st

Reynolds J. J., King st

Symonds J. F., Bridge st

Underwood H., Bridge st

Underwood R., Castle st

Warburton P., St. Owen st

Woodhouse R., Widemarsh st

Stone & Marble Masons

Badham G., Above Eign

Bach T., Above Eign

Bethell R., Ross road

Bigglestone E, Bridge st

Bigglestone F., Eign st

Bigglestone J., Church st

Jennings B., Victoria st & King st

Kyte E., Blue School lane

Lee W., Widemarsh st

Preece James, Sally Walk


Braithwaite F., Bridge st

Cam T., St. Owen’s st

Gilliland J., St. Owen’s st

Griffiths J., St. Owen’s st

Hambury G. B., King st

Isbell Edwin James, Widemarsh st

James P., Bye st

Kiddley R. A., Berrington st

Lingen Chas., St. Owen’s st

Morris J., St. Martin’s st

Morris J. G., St. Owen’s st

Price J., St. Owen’s st

Terry G. R., St. Owen’s st

Vevers H., St. Owen’s st


Arnold W., East st

Barton C., Maylord’s lane

Baynham J., Pig Market

Beavan P., Bye st

Bullock W., Berrington st

Court J., East street

Croft J., Maylord’s lane

Dyer J., St. Nicholas sq

Earle H., Widemarsh st

Earle J., Church st

Evans J., Bridge st

Gardiner J., Bye st

Grainger W., Widemarsh common

Hill T., West street

Hitchcock T., Commercial road

Howells J., Ross road

Jones E., St. Owen’s st

Jones J., Broad st

Jones T., Blue School lane

Jones W., Broad st

Jones W., West st

King J., Walworth place

Lambert J., Mill st

Lane H., Little Berrington st

Lewis J., Union st

Powell J., Commercial road

Pritchard R., Eign st

Pritchard W., Bye st

Reynolds J., St. Owen’s st without

Reynolds T., Eign st

Reynolds W., Little Berrington st

Sparkes G., East st

Taylor M., West st

Tunnicliffe H., Church st

Vaughan T., Harley court

Williams E., St. Owen’s st without

Yapp S., Bye st

Yapp W., Commercial road


Crowe J. F., Above Eign

Hatton J. & C., Widemarsh st without

Hook Charles, Broad st

Timber Merchants

Bristow E. L., Widemarsh st without

George E., Canal wharf

Hancorn Thomas, commercial road

Langton T. and Sons, Widemarsh

Stead W., St. Martin st

Slack Mark and Son, steam saw mills, Widemarsh

Tinmen, Braziers, and Tinplate Workers

Baylis W., Eign st

Dillon J., Bye st

Downie R., Church st

Downie R., St. Nicholas sq

Garstone E., Eign st

Ginham William Henry, (and copper and zinc works), West st

Magness H., Bye st


Bennett F., Berrington st

Constance J., Widemarsh gate

Hughes H., Bewell st

Thomas Geo., Blue School lane

Wilkins George, (in wood, stone, iron, brass, &c.) Chapel walk


Morris – , St. Owen’s st

Mayos Mrs., Widemarsh st without

Wathen Wm., (and cabinet maker), St. Nicholas sq

Williams J., The Pitch

Veterinary Surgeons

Chambers Samuel, Commercial road

Hall J., St. Nicholas sq

Musgrave E., St. Owen’s st

Watch and Clock Makers

Baker George, St. Martin’s st

Fresle T., Widemarsh st

Hudson W., Widemarsh st

Kleiser F., Bye st

Lambert E., King st

Lloyd J., Widemarsh st

Maddox J., Above Eign

Morgan W. L., Eign st

Price G., East st

Tew J., St. Owen’s st

Wax and Tallow Chandlers

Cooke John and Henry, High st

Powell A., Eign st

Webb and Bosley, High St


Jones Richard, Gaol lane

Morgan J., St. Owen’s st without

Phillips W., Ross road

Pritchard T., Eign gate

Thomas G., Eign gate

Tibbey R., Blackmarston

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Bulmer and Whitfield, Widemarsh st and Bewell st

James C., Eign st

Pulling W. & Son, East st

Russell Mrs. S., Widemarsh st

Wool Dealers

Bishop J., St. Nicholas sq

Bruton J., East st

Evans John, New Market st

George W., Bye st

Harley Richard, (and fell monger), Eign st

Jones W., St. Owen’s st without

Pritchard T., Norfolk terrace

Yates E., St. Nicholas sq

Source: Edward Cassey & Co.: History, Topography, and Directory of Herefordshire. Printed by William Bailey, 107, Fishergate 1858.