Brecknock or Brecon Brecknockshire Principal Inhabitants Universal British Directory 1791

The following are the principal inhabitants:


Corrie Robert, Esq.

Hughes Samuel, Esq. Justice of Peace

James William Morgan, Esq. Justice of Peace

Jeffreys Walter, Esq. Justice of Peace

Lloyd J. Bullock, Esq.

Lloyd T. Bullock, Esq.

Macnamara Michael, Esq.

Powell William, Esq. Justice of Peace

Wilkins Jeffreys, Esq.


Bevas Rev. James, Curate of St. John’s

Davies Rev. Richard, Vicar of Brecon, and Justice of Peace

Griffiths Rev. D. Vicar of Llandilorvan

Jones Rev. Hugh, Vicar of Llewell, and Justice of Peace

Lawrence Rev. Thomas, Curate of St. Mary’s Chapel

Lloyd Rev. Charles, Rector of Llandvally, and Justice of Peace

Morgan Rev. William, Justice of Peace

Watkins Rev. Thomas, Chaplain to the Duke of Bedford

Wilkins Rev. John, Rector of Disserth, Radnorshire

Wynter Rev. William, Rector of Pendeirin, and Justice of Peace


Powell John, Surgeon

Pryce Samuel, (F.) Surgeon, and one of the Coroners for the County

Prichard Charles and Son, (F.) Surgeons

Vaughan William, Druggist

Williams John, (F.) Surgeon, and one of the Coroners for the County


Jones Walter, Attorney

Jones James, Attorney

Jones Theophilus, Attorney and Deputy Register and Compounder

Morgan Edward, Esq. Barrister at Law, and Recorder

Powell William and John, Attorneys

Powell Thomas, Esq. Barrister at Law

Wilkins and Maybery, Attorneys

Williams Robert, Esq. Town Clerk

Williams Tho. Esq. Barrister at Law

Williams Thomas, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Abram John, (F.) Shoe-maker

Abraham Thomas, Card-maker

Awbrey George, Sadler

Awbrey William, Taylor

Bevan Anne, Baker

Bevan Mary, Lodging-house

Brown Edward, (F.) Skinner

Bowen Penry, (F.) Taylor

Bold Hugh, (F.) Stamp Distributor

Church John, (F.) Cooper

Church Samuel, Butcher

Coleman William, Baker

Davies William, Shoe-maker

Davies William, Shoe-maker

Edwards David, Hat-maker

Evans John, Victualler

Farmer Jeremiah, Gunsmith

Frew Elizabeth, (F.) Tanner

Gilbert Martha, Lodging-house

Griffiths John, sen. (F.) Builder

Griffiths John, jun. (F.) Carpenter

Griffiths Thomas, Leather-dresser

Griffiths Wm. Victualler, (Greyhound)

Griffiths David, Hat-maker

Gilbert William, (F.) Farmer

Hall Richard, Victualler, (Swan Inn)

Havard John, Butcher

Havard John, Shopkeeper

Harry John, (F.) Victualler

Holt Edward, hair-dresser

Hayward Richard, Victualler

Howells Magdalen, Victualler

Howells Charles, Victualler

Hughes William, Hatter

James William, Victualler

Jenkins John, Officer of Excise

Jenkins Morgan, Stay-maker

Jones Evan, Currier

Jones William, sen. (F.) Shoe-maker

Jones William, jun. (F.) Shoe-maker

Jones John, Victualler, (Bear Inn)

Jones Margaret, Victualler, (6 Bells)

Jones John, Officer of Excise

Jones Samuel, Mercer

Jones David, (F.) Chandler & Brazier

Jones Watkin, Shoe-maker

Jones William, Baker

Jones David, Farmer

Jones James, Victualler, (Cock & Horse)

Jones Evan, Wheelwright

Jones Llewelyn, Carpenter

Jones Richard, (F.) Shoe-maker

Jones Thomas, (F.) Baker

Jones Catherine and Tab. Milliners

Jones William, (F.) Victualler, (Star)

Jones James, Watch-maker

Jones Joseph, Shoe-maker

Jones Joshua, Watch-maker

Jones John, (F.) Victualler

Jones John, Officer of Excise

Johnes Wm. Victualler, (Bull’s Head)

Kinsey Matthew, (F.) Shopkeeper

Lawrence Thomas, Clerk of St. Mary’s

Lewis James, sen. Butcher

Lewis Rees, Breeches-maker

Lewis James, jun. Butcher

Lewis Edward, Carpenter

Lewis James, (F.) Carpenter

Lewis William, Victualler, (Angel Inn)

Llewelyn Rice, Victualler and Sadler

Longfellow – , Shopkeeper

Longfellow Thomas, (F.) Victualler

Matthews Mary, Baker

Matthews William, Blacksmith

Martin William, Victualler

Meredith Thomas, (F.) Tanner

Maund E. and A. Milliners

Maund Andrew, (F.) Builder, &c.

Morgan Andrew, (F.) Skinner

Morgan William, Brazier, &c.

Morgan David, Victualler, (K’s. Head)

Morgan John, (F.) Tanner & Skinner

Morgan Joan, Baker

Morgan David, Tallow-chandler

Miller William, (F.) Blacksmith

Morris Joseph, Butcher

North William and George, Printers, Booksellers, Stationers, and Agents to the Phoenix Fire-office, London

Owen Wm. Parish Clerk of St. John’s

Owen Margaret, Schoolmistress

Parry Stephen, Hair-dresser

Phillips Thomas, Victualler, (Bush)

Phillips Thomas, Taylor

Price Thomas, Taylor

Prothero Thomas, (F.) Victualler

Powell Thomas, (F.) Ironmonger, &c.

Powell William, (F.) Carrier

Powell John, Mason

Powell Thomas, (F.) Currier

Prosser John, Victualler, (White Lion)

Prosser Roger, Schoolmaster

Prosser William, Blacksmith

Prosser James, Victualler, (Mermaid)

Prosser Thomas, Shoe-maker

Prosser Mary, Baker

Ransom Thomas, (F.) Sadler

Rice Miss, Boarding-school

Richardson William, Tinplate-worker

Robertson James, Seedsman

Rowlands Timothy, Victualler

Sims James, Peruke-maker

Smith William, Hair-dresser

Thomas Henry, Peruke-maker

Thomas Benjamin, Coach-maker

Thomas Thomas, (F.) Carpenter

Turner John, Victualler, (Bell)

Vaughan Walter, Brazier, &c.

Valentine Peter, Shoe-maker

Voss William, Shopkeeper

Wallers Thomas, (F.) Shoe-maker

Wallers David, Pig-drover

Watson George, Shopkeeper

Waters William, Butcher

Watkins Morgan, (F.) Clothier

Watkins John, Shoe-maker

Watkins Walter, (F.) Shopkeeper

Wellington John, Schoolmaster

Webb Edward, Sadler

Winston Richard, Shopkeeper

Williams Evan, Victualler, (White-hart)

Williams William, (F.) Mason

Williams William, Farrier

Williams Tho. Victualler, (Blue Boar)

Williams Mary, Milliner

Williams William, (F.) Maltster

Williams William, Taylor

Williams Martha, Shopkeeper

Williams Llewel, Bright & Blacksmith

Williams and Thomas, (F.) Mercers

Young John, Victualler, (Sun)

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.